Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 16) – Forte: Bombshell! The Angel is a Big Boob

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Struggling to resist his teenage urges caused by living with two sexy Angeloids, Tomoki heads to the mountains to find his inner balance unaware that a third Angeloid is coming!

What did you watch?

Continuing with my re-watch of Heaven’s Lost Property, this is episode 16. In this episode, we are introduced to two new characters, one minor character and one larger than life character. I’ll let you decide which is which!

What happened?

Living with two sexy Angeloids has been tough on Tomoki. Lately, he’s been struggling to keep his urges in check, which is weird because they’re mythical beings and not humans. In an attempt to find his inner peace, Tomoki heads into the mountains to train with the monks, but before he can really get into it another Angeloid appears and she’s proving to be quite a distraction.

Meanwhile, Sugata raced to Tomoki’s house to warn him of the Angeloid coming to get him. Ikaros and Nymph perform a scan and confirm that the Angeloid has already made contact with Tomoki, but there’s nothing to worry about because it’s Delta. She may be the greatest close combat Angeloid ever created, but she’s also a bit of a ditz!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 16 Angeloid Delta Astraea

What did you think?

This was the first episode that Tomoki’s… err… let’s just say his urges have their own voice and it was pretty funny. Crude, absolutely, but still funny. I feel like the second season has already raised the ecchi levels and appears to have no plans on going back. Delta already seems like she’ll be a great addition to the cast and not just because she’s nice to look at.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 16 Tomoki Achieves Enlightment

What was your favourite moment?

There have been many brief moments where Tomoki has appeared to make contact with his deceased grandpa. He was probably the source of Tomoki’s perverted outlook on life. Well, this time his grandpa gave him some sage advice that allowed Tomoki to achieve enlightenment. Here’s a direct quote.

“It’s all good. Whether they’re human, or mythical beings, long as they got boobs. Doesn’t matter. They’re all still chicks, right? It’s all good.”

Tomoki’s Grandpa

What was your least favourite moment?

At one point, Tomoki tries to dispose of all of his porno mags. It’s all a part of his path to enlightenment, well, that’s what he tells himself. However, he keeps getting interrupted and it doesn’t seem to go well for him. First Nymph finds him and gives him a beating, then Ikaros shows up and ends up destroying all of the porno mags, and finally, Sohara arrives after Delta had transformed into a porno mag in an attempt to catch Tomoki off-guard and beats him once more. This poor kid is just constantly getting beaten by the women in his life.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 16 Angeloid Delta Astraea Trip boobs

Who was your favourite character?

I think Delta is going to be great. She had an entertaining first episode and certainly caused quite the stir with Tomoki, but ultimately it was the details she revealed to Sugata while rebooting. Thanks to her, we finally have some answers about what’s been going on. On top of that, just look at her!

Who was your least favourite character?

Poor Nymph, even with the benefits of time, she is destined to look exactly the same. She just needs to own it, not everyone can look like Sohara or Mikako or Ikaros or Delta… Huh! That didn’t work out to be the pep talk I was looking for. Anyhow, I feel for Nymph but she was once more my least favourite character. Sorry!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 16 Tomoki Dancing With Porno Mags

Would you like some more?

Oh, yes. We’ve only just started to see what Delta brings to the group and it’s only going to get more crazy and more interesting, especially as her introduction should move the story along. It does seem to get forgotten from episode to episode except for the occasional brief moment so it is nice that it’s made a pretty big leap in this episode. And I didn’t even mention the porno parade in the end credits!

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