Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 15) – Forte: You Strip, Too! The Return of the Full-frontal Hero

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki’s back, but so are his weird dreams. In an effort to get to the bottom of things, Nymph suggests they dive into the dream and see for themselves!

What did you watch?

And we’re straight into the second season for more Tomoki, more Sohara, more Ikaros, and more insane comedy. It’s even better that they opened with a slight variation of the OP. This time, it’s Tomoki making the connections and wearing next to nothing. Already hilarious.

What happened?

We start with Tomoki waking to find Ikaros staring at him. Nymph comes into the room and whips back his sheet, but neither Nymph nor Ikaros was prepared for what was waiting for them. Then Sohara calls from downstairs, forcing Tomoki to panic. If she sees him like this with Ikaros and Nymph gawking, he’s as good as dead!

So, it turns out the Tomoki is having his weird dreams with the angel once more. Nymph helpfully suggests that they dive into Tomoki’s dream and see what happened, only the first time they try they end up in Sugata’s dream full of Pterodactyls and rolling boulders. Then they find themselves in Mikako’s gun filled war-zone of a dream. Next is Sohara…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 15 Mikako Dream

What did you think?

This was a great way to kick off the second season. It quickly reintroduced you to all the main characters and gave a little tease of things to come. Then with the dreams, we got several laughs and finally something a little more mysterious. They managed to get a good mix of laughs and the serious side of the story, which only Sugata seems to be that worried about.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 15 Sohara Dream

What was your favourite moment?

I deliberately held back earlier because my favourite moment is Sohara’s dream, even if she won’t admit it. They arrive outside of a house that looks a lot like Tomoki’s, but everything else appears to have been drawn by a child. Tomoki, Sugata, and Mikako peer in through a window to find Sohara in the bath with Tomoki.

Real Sohara flips out and bashes them both over the head, still insisting that it’s not her dream. Then a parade of Soharas and Tomokis dance past in various sexy outfits, prompting Sohara to send Tomoki and Sugata flying into the distance. It was so wrong and so very funny.

What was your least favourite moment?

It was probably Sugata’s dream, but only because Sohara’s and Mikako’s were so funny and Tomoki’s, well, was it even a dream at all? Sugata’s dream was funny, just not as funny. It was hard picking a moment for this section again as it was a really strong opening episode.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 15 Sohara Bondage Dream

Who was your favourite character?

Without a doubt, that would be Sohara. Her dream was not at all what you would have expected from her. Good for her, though. I really hadn’t pictured her as having such a wild mind. It was hilarious though, especially her embarrassment and attempts to claim it wasn’t her’s.

Who was your least favourite character?

I think I found Nymph to be a little annoying in this one. She appears to have reverted back to the character from when she first arrived, all be it a little more familiar with everyone. It’s not a huge criticism, she just lost out to everyone else.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 15 Angeloid Delta

Would you like some more?

With the arrival of a new Angeloid at the end of the episode, we know there’s going to be more trouble for Tomoki. On top of that, there’s going to be the standard festival and bathhouse episodes to look forward to. Not to mention the actual story-line, which should start to ramp up soon.

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