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Heaven's Lost Property Title

Nymph struggles to come to terms with life without a master and asks the group for help. Tomoko makes a brief appearance before they all decide to go to the water park!

What did you watch?

This is the OVA that is tied to the first season. It continues the story from episode thirteen where Tomoki had freed Nymph and Ikaros sent Gamma and Harpy fleeing back to the Synapse. I’m not sure why this is an OVA other that it’s a little more no holds barred than the regular episodes. For that reason alone, it’s great.

What happened?

Having been freed from her oppressive master, Nymph struggles to come to terms with her newfound freedom. She begs Tomoki for a command, but he tells her that she needs to find her own reason to do things. Meanwhile, Tomoki has got the transmogrifier going again and makes a brief appearance as Tomoko before Sohara spots her.

With that attempt to see some panties shot down, the group miraculously decide to go to the water park and have some fun, much to Tomoki’s delight. However, while there Nymph jams his memories of learning to swim, stopping him from running rampant.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 14 Tomoko Has A Plan

What did you think?

This episode was packed full of non-stop outrageous behaviour and it was hilarious. All to the backdrop of Nymph coming to terms with her freedom, Tomoki lets wild with the transmogrifier, first transforming himself into the floor of the girls’ locker room, them Tomoko, and finally into a pair of panties… The utter absurdity of everything and contrast between Tomoki acting like a horny pervert and offering sound and caring advice was just too much.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 14 Tomoki Transforms Into Panties Sohara Nude

What was your favourite moment?

That was without a doubt the final transformation. After Tomoki had made Ikaros speed up the lazy river so as to cause the girls to lose their bikinis and almost drowning him in the process, it appeared that Tomoki’s fun was over.

Never one to quit, Tomoki transformed into a pair of panties and snuck into the girls’ locker room where he waited for someone to put him on. And of course, it had to be Sohara! At the last second, Tomoki lost control and transformed back ready to get a beating of a lifetime from a rightfully angry Sohara.

What was your least favourite moment?

I thought it was a shame to see Tomoko in it for such a short period of time. Tomoki is hilarious when he takes on the female body and persona, acting as if she was in a shoujo manga. It’s only a small quibble though as the rest of the episode was great, with or without Tomoko. After that, it was the odd use of frogs in the lazy river to cover up the girls exposed parts… If you’re not going to show stuff, just keep the bikini covering it. Seems an odd decision.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 14 Tomoki Transforms From Panties Sohara Nude and Angry

Who was your favourite character?

It feels wrong for it to be anyone other than Tomoki. The guy is out of control in the OVA with no thoughts of television ratings and censorship. He’s full of surprises, however, because even though he was losing his mind, he still maintained the correct stance with letting Nymph work out how to be free, even when she begged for him to give her an order.

Who was your least favourite character?

It’s funny, but I think it’s Ikaros in this one. While she was always there or thereabout, she didn’t really do anything of note beyond enabling Tomoki. It seems harsh, but everyone else had something to contribute, whether that was a swimsuit or some sage advice. Don’t panic though, Ikaros is still great, she just didn’t shine in this one.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 14 Tomoki Underwater Peeping Sohara Bikini

Would you like some more?

It looks like it’s time to get into season two and I for one cannot wait. I’ve had way more fun re-watching Heaven’s Lost Property than I thought I would. More and more, I’m starting to look at other shows that I can watch again and document the whole thing. I’m really getting into the episode review format. It allows me to talk about all the things I enjoyed, which is really hard to condense into a season review, which is much more like a high-level overview. Are you tempted to join me in season two?

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