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Heaven's Lost Property Title

With two Angeloid Interceptors, Gamma and Harpy backing her up, Nymph tries to convince Ikaros to return to the Synapse, but the Harpies have no interest in bringing anybody back with them!

What did you watch?

All right, that was the final episode of season one of Heaven’s Lost Property. In this one, there’s far more plot development than many of the others and not nearly as much of the absurd surrealist comedy that makes some of these episodes an absolute delight to watch. That doesn’t mean this was bad, just no exploding panties!

What happened?

Tomoki and his friends were busy setting up the Christmas party for Ikaros and Nymph, but no one has seen Nymph since the date with Tomoki. Everyone runs out to do some chores, leaving Ikaros and Sohara at home. Sohara shows Ikaros a photo album with all of their adventures since the Angeloids arrived.

Ikaros says she needs to go out for a bit but actually intends to leave, afraid of what Tomoki will think if he finds out that she’s actually a weapon. She tells Tomoki she’s leaving and then flies off to find Nymph. As Nymph tries to convince Ikaros to come with her back to the Synapse, Gamma and Harpy attack Ikaros and then Nymph, but then Tomoki and the others show up…

What did you think?

This was actually a really nice way to end the season. Tomoki managed to break Nymph chain, freeing her from her master as Ikaros goes into full-on attack mode to defeat Gamma and Harpy. She’d been worried about what Tomoki might think, but he knew all along. When he said he didn’t want her to be a weapon, it was for her sake. Sure, he’s an uncontrollable pervert, but he can be a decent person.

What was your favourite moment?

Yeah, that will be Ikaros when she took the fight to Gamma and Harpy. It was funny when they realised that she had full access to all of her weaponry, including some sort of giant space ship that exists in some sort of parallel dimension. Ikaros kicks ass!

What was your least favourite moment?

The scene where Gamma and Harpy thought they had defeated Ikaros and started to rip Nymph’s wings out was a particularly cruel brutal moment. As annoying as Nymph can be, she really is a sweet and innocent character that really didn’t deserve that.

Who was your favourite character?

The answer here is obviously Ikaros, but I also think Tomoki once more showed how he’s not just a hormone-driven screw-up. He cares for his friends and is aware of things that you really wouldn’t think he would be. He’s far exceeded how I remembered him, that’s for sure. Oh, and Ikaros can destroy pretty much whatever she wants I think, so she’s cool too!

Who was your least favourite character?

Another easy one. That would be Gamma and Harpy. I loved how deliberately sinister they were from the first moment they arrived, even the little looks between them when they were lying and plotting against Nymph. They were pretty cool villains, even if they had next to no character development. Will we see more in season two? I certainly wouldn’t mind.

Would you like some more?

I have the OVA to watch before I can get into season two. The thing I like about OVAs is that they tend to be more no holds barred. It’s as if all the ideas that got cut from the regular series for being too over the top, finally get a home where they can run wild. After that, I can’t wait to get into season two. I’m having a lot of fun re-watching this series.

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