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Heaven's Lost Property Title

Ikaros can’t seem to smile. Sure, she can say the words to convey the emotion, but that just isn’t smiling. Nymph decides that if they all go on a date, maybe that will help.

What did you watch?

So, this was episode twelve of Heaven’s Lost Property and things are building up for a big finish. There is some development with Nymph and one of the funniest scenes in the series. It’s on a similar level as the exploding panties, just not as sustained. Get ready.

What happened?

Tomoki is trying to teach Ikaros how to smile, which seems to be a continued source of frustration for him and a block on her feeling more human. As it’s December, they decide that the best way would be to throw a Christmas Party. While the others are busy preparing for that, Nymph suggests that Tomoki should take Ikaros and her on a date.

Obviously, it’s a little weird, but Tomoki agrees to go with it. Then when he struggles for ideas for the date they turn to a guide book. First, he takes the Angeloids shopping. Ikaros buys a cart full of watermelons and Nymph doesn’t want anything. Next, they try the movies but there’s nothing suitable. Finally, Tomoki takes them to the fair and that’s where the trouble begins…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 12 Tomoki Ikaros Nymph Date

What did you think?

This episode did some more fine character development. We got to see the struggle that Ikaros faces with trying to fit in and how Nymph is starting to wish that Tomoki was her master. It also had a great scene which had me laughing and laughing. I don’t know why it’s so funny when you have the chibi form or Tomoki running around naked, but it just is.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 12 Tomoki Nude Shooting

What was your favourite moment?

Tomoki had taken Ikaros and Nymph to the fair as part of their date. Having exhausted himself on the various rides, Tomoki leaves the Angeloids to look at the animals in cages as he gets a cup of tea and relaxes. Unfortunately, Nymph hypothesizes that Tomoki would like it if they freed all the animals. Well, of course, this goes horribly wrong and Tomoki is pursued across the fair by all the wild beasts.

They somehow manage to shred his clothing, causing further alarm. The police are dispatched to deal with a nudist terrorist. They even send out tanks and the fighter jets to bring his sorry naked body in. I loved how it escalated out of control and then just kept getting worse.

What was your least favourite moment?

It was sad to see Nymph leaving once more, especially as she was starting to fit in. What’s worse is that we know what’s waiting for her should she make it back to the Synapse. Luckily for her, a bolt of fire blazes through the sky and smashes into the ground, revealing two more Angeloids, Gamma and Harpy!

Heavens Lost Property Episode 12 Ikaros Boobs

Who was your favourite character?

I loved Ikaros in this episode. She demonstrated so much of her character without even being able to move her face. It was especially funny when Tomoki woke one morning to find that Ikaros and Nymph had put glue on their faces to maintain a fake smile. The best part, however, was when Ikaros when full-on weapon mode to free all the wild animals from their cages.

Who was your least favourite character?

This episode focused almost all of its time on Tomoki, Ikaros, and Nymph and I enjoyed all them, so once again, I’m not picking anyone for this section. Sure, it may seem like a cop-out, but that’s the way I’m going to play it.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 12 Ikaros Explosion

Would you like some more?

Absolutely, especially with the introduction of Gamma and Harpy. Who doesn’t want more Angeloids with big… er… weapons! I’m almost at the end of the first season and am oddly looking forward to re-reading my original season review. It’s going to be an interesting insight into how my thought process may have changed in the last three years.

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