Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 10) – Where the Melodious Words Of an Angel Go

Heaven's Lost Property Title

The joint school cultural festival is about to begin and the kids from the private school show up to intimidate Tomoki and the others, but Mikako isn’t having any of it. The battle of the bands is on!

What did you watch?

That was episode 10 of Heaven’s Lost Property and we are treated to some more insights on the Synapse. The rest of the episode is amusing and entertaining, but then Tomoki does what Tomoki does best and cranks it up to eleven.

What happened?

Tomoki’s school co-hosts a cultural festival with the nearby private school. A couple of the students show and mock Tomoki and his friends. It wasn’t helped by Tomoki misinterpreting what they were saying and laughing in their faces. Once they’ve left, Mikako steps in and demands that they pay for insulting them and they’re going to fight fire with fire… or music with music in this case.

Thanks to Mikako’s father and his clan, they quickly start a PR campaign that divides the town into two and things are getting nasty. Guess the guys should really learn how to play those instruments and fast. While all this is going on Ikaros has an uncontrollable urge to hold Tomoki’s hand.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 10 Team Tomoki

What did you think?

It was an interesting episode if not a little slow. There were obvious the usual funny moments like the mobs of supports prepared to go to battle, and then Sohara, Ikaros, and Nymph getting roped into the swim club’s swimsuit maid cafe. Nothing really stood out until the bands took to the stage. The private school opened with a stirring classical number and then Tomoki did his thing…

Heavens Lost Property Episode 10 Tomoki My Tingly Nips

What was your favourite moment?

Tomoki took over the stage with his own personal song called My Tingly Nips and it was every bit as ridiculous as you might imagine. He even wore a shirt with star holes, revealing his nipples. Luckily for everyone, Sohara stepped in and beat some sense into his so that they could perform their real song.

What was your least favourite moment?

Poor Nymph remembers how the rulers in the Synapse tortured her and made her kill a bird. It was interesting in one sense because it showed the difference between ruling with an iron fist and ruling with kindness. I don’t think anyone has ever called Tomoki a ruler, but he is kind and fair, despite his uncontrollable perversions.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 10 Sohara Swimsuit Maid Tomoki

Who was your favourite character?

Oh, dear. It’s got to be Tomoki again for his Tingly Nips song. This was the best laugh out loud moment in this episode, so it would be wrong to give it to anyone else. Sohara as a swimsuit maid comes in as a close second.

Who was your least favourite character?

It’s a toss-up between the private school kids and the rulers of the Synapse. Both look down on others and attempt to belittle them which is something that I personally can’t stand.

Heavens Lost Property Episode 10 Mikako Ikaros Nymph Sugata Sohara Tomoki

Would you like some more?

Oh, yes. The next episode is completely bonkers and I can’t wait. Tomoki reaches a totally new level of deviance that this series has not even come close to. It’s going to be great. Did I mention that it’s the bathhouse episode? I know, we’ve already had a beach episode and a festival episode, so why not a bathhouse episode too?

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