Heaven’s Lost Property: Angeloid of Clockwork (Movie)

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Hiyori’s just your average teenage girl. She likes the peace and quiet of Sorami, but there’s one thing she likes more – Tomoki!!!

What did you watch?

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been waiting to watch this movie, but it’s been a while for sure. When I originally finished watching season two, I discovered that there was a movie, but it wasn’t available on any of my services. Then, when I signed up for Funimation, there it was, but I wasn’t about to watch it cold. No, that’s why I’ve been re-watching seasons one and two. That’s why you’ve had to put up with me talking about exploding panties and obscene wrestlers. I hope it’s been worth it.

What’s it about?

Hiyori is a teenage girl that lives in Sorami and she loves it. She tends to a garden to pay her way and attends school with Tomoki, although he barely knows she exists, she’s all too aware of him. Even before the Angeloids appeared she has had a crush on him. A massive crush! In an attempt to get close to Tomoki, Hiyori joins the New World Discovery Club.

This takes the club into a new funding bracket which further infringes on Tomoki’s quiet and peaceful life. So, in a desperate attempt to reduce the numbers he puts Hiyori through a gruelling initiation test. Luckily for Hiyori, he doesn’t have it in him to make her eat the edible panties on sushi rice, but that’s of little comfort to Sohara who makes amends the only way she knows how…

Heavens Lost Property Angeloid Of Clockwork Giant Chicken Versus Giant Sohara

What did you think?

I was really excited about this movie and it opened with a blast. A giant chicken attacked Sorami, but fear not Tomoki had a plan. He used one of Ikaros’ wish cards to make Sohara giant so that she could fight the giant chicken and he could see up her skirt and stare at her giant panties…

After that, it took a bit of a nosedive. The first forty minutes of the movie basically recapped the whole of the two seasons with the occasional insert of Hiyori watching on from outside. The following forty minutes covered new ground, which was what I was really here for. So, in the series, we briefly saw Hiyori when Sugata was in the Synapse. She was simultaneously in the Synapse and in Sorami. Obviously, this made Sugata very suspicious.

Then Hiyori died when she was hit by a truck. Her consciousness returned to the synapse and all memory of her was slowly erased. Only Tomoki managed to cling to the thought of her. In the Synapse, the ruler offered Hiyori the chance to return to Sorami to be with her friends, but there was a catch. There’s always a catch!

Heavens Lost Property Angeloid Of Clockwork Giant Chicken Attacks

What was your favourite moment?

I did really enjoy the giant chicken fight and also the initiation tests Tomoki put Hiyori through. There were some really nice moments with the group and the occasional flashback to when Tomoki and Hiyori were children. That said when the movie was over it left me with feeling a little down. If you’ve read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, its the same feeling you get when you finish book five.

Heavens Lost Property Angeloid Of Clockwork Tomoki Shocked At Ending

What was your least favourite moment?

So, let’s get to that ending shall we, but first, it was nice to see Hiyori integrated into the existing story, however, I really wanted all new stuff with more resolution with the Synapse. That was annoying, but the ending really was a downer. Hiyori was sent back to Sorami where she was met by Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea. Upon arriving she was instantly transformed into a new Angeloid and then forced to attack and destroy everything.

They fought briefly and at one point Nymph was about to take her out with Paradise Song, but Tomoki stopped her. The battle raged on until the Angeloids were able to destroy the clockwork weapon, but that just initialised the self-destruct system on her collar. Ikaros puts up her shield around herself and Hiyori, prepared to die in the blast to save everyone else. Luckily, Tomoki drops in from a hang-glider and saves Ikaros. He manages to reach Hiyori, but it’s too late. She flies up into the sky and… explodes…

The end!!!

Who was your favourite character?

I have to give it to Hiyori. It was her movie after all and in the end, she sacrificed herself to save everyone. Seriously, what a bummer! I still can’t get over that ending. It was probably the least likely outcome I was expecting coming into a movie for this series.

Heavens Lost Property Angeloid Of Clockwork Hiyori

Who was your least favourite character?

That’s an easy one. It’s the ruler of the Synapse. I’m gutted that he still hasn’t got his comeuppance. If only Hiyori had managed to fly into the Synapse and blow him up too, but even that would have been pretty dark. We need to come up with a flock of exploding panties that fly up there and do their worst. See, now that’s a far more believable ending for this show.

Who needs more screen time?

Again, I would have preferred not to have the forty-minute recap and use that time to have more fun with Hiyori and the others. Don’t they know that we’ve already seen the series?

Heavens Lost Property Angeloid Of Clockwork Tomoki Edible Panty Rice balls

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen?

Obviously, if you haven’t seen the series, well, then you really should. It’s far more uplifting and incredibly funny. Plus no one dies right before the credits leaving everyone deflated…

Would you like another season?

I would. I still love these characters and there’s still so much more to discover with the Synapse, not to mention making the flock of exploding panties to attack it with. Seriously, that could be the second movie. I’m even willing to give up that idea and many more for a very reasonable price.

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As this was a movie, there is just one set to add. They all count.

  • Episode Count: 1 (417)
  • Push-ups – 10 (3,360)
  • Sit-ups – 10 (3,380)
  • Squats – 10 (3,370)

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