Harlock: Space Pirate

In the very distant future humanity has colonised the universe thanks to faster than light travel. With these new frontiers, however, comes new obstacles and enemies. Captain Harlock, a feared space pirate, has grown tired of humanities failings.

He has travelled the universe collecting the time nodes. Once he has them all he will destroy them and restart time to make a better future.

Yama, a young botanist(?), agrees to go undercover and infiltrate Captain Harlock’s crew. His mission is to kill Harlock and stop his insane quest. However, all is not as it seems. Can Yama stop the immortal Captain Harlock or is humanity doomed?

Who knows? I mean seriously, what on Earth just happened? This film looks good, has some cool and interesting ideas, but the story is lazy. Dark matter is just about the answer to everything. There’s nothing it can’t do, so everyone else should just give up.

The dialogue is boring and frankly a bit of a mess. Most of the actual meat of the story is revealed through internal monologues and voice-overs. Parts of it ended up feeling more like a documentary than a story.

This is not the way to follow up Blame! I should have watched something else, anything else. It’s disappointing because it looked cool and started out quite well, but it would appear that someone lost interest and just decided to make the last two-thirds of the film into an info dump.

And then the ending… was it even an ending? I don’t know, I’d lost interest by that point and was just grateful that it was over.

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