Hanebado! – Season One

What did you watch and why? This was another of those anime that I thought I could watch when the kids were up, and with Hanebado! I actually was able to. It’s another sports anime and this time it focused on badminton.

One line pitch! And you thought Badminton would be calm and relaxing…

What’s it really about? Ayano Hanesaki was a badminton prodigy, but she gave it all up. Nagisa Aragaki always had power on her side, but that alone isn’t enough. The story follows the rivalry between these two girls as they compete to be the greatest badminton player.

What hooked you? The first thing I noticed was the animation style. I loved how fluid the movement was and how insanely intense the matches were. At first, Nagisa comes off as the villain, but I loved how her character developed to the point that I think she became the hero. Meanwhile, Ayano’s development went the other way.

What was your favourite scene? It has to be the final match between Nagisa and Ayano. It lasted several episodes and was epic! They put everything on the line as they battled to defeat one another.

What was your least favourite scene? Not so much a scene, but Ayano’s mother abandoning her because she wasn’t good enough at badminton and adopting another girl in Denmark was unbelievable at best.

Who was your favourite character? For me it was Nagisa. She started out harsh and frustrated but grew on me as the series progressed. Then in the final match, I full on team Nagisa.

Who was your least favourite character? It has to be Ayano. There were several background characters that were also quite annoying, but Ayano was toxic. I hated the way she turned on her friends. The absence of a character like her was one of the reasons I enjoyed Harukana Receive so much.

Which character that needs more screen time? For the most part, I think the characters got enough screen time. Riko was probably the only person that warranted more attention, but then she was more of a support character to Nagisa.

What was your favourite quote? This was my favourite line from the series – The person you see across the net is nothing but a reflection of yourself.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? There are similarities to Harukana Receive in that they are both sports anime and focus on female competitors. Other than that, however, they couldn’t be more different. Harukana was positive and highlighted the best points of sport, where as Hanebado gave the toxic elements more screen time.

Would you like another season? I think I’m actually going to say no. I loved the animation and some aspects of the show, but there was too many elements that I didn’t care for. Plus by the end of the series Ayano was unbareable. I’m exhausted!

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? I think the coolest thing to take from Hanebado would be doing something where the characters flip. The hero is actually the villain and vice versa. It would be really effective if the changes were subtle to the point that you don’t release it’s happened until it’s too late.

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