Highschool of the Dead (Act 30) – The Manga

After volume 7 of Highschool of the Dead, there was nothing… unless you check online and find the final act – Act 30. Makes you want more, doesn’t it?

What did you read? I’ve been saving this one for last, which seems kind of appropriate. It is Act 30, the final part of the Highschool of the Dead manga ever released. It would have been the beginning of volume eight and it sets up so much, it’s annoying to think we’ll never see the outcome.

What Happened? The opening scene follows a police officer sniping zombies at the gates of a school. When another office asks if that’s the best idea, he says that there aren’t that many zombies around and the noise will help survivors find them.

Then we go inside the school where a group of survivors are threatening to attack a man with a bandage on his hand. Shido shows up and attempts to talk down the angry group, but they aren’t willing to listen until the police sniper comes inside and shuts it down. Presumably this is Rei’s father.

Next, we head to a Japanese warship making plans to rescue the survivors from the cities and talking of approaching Chinese submarines. Rika is on board the ship and asks to go to Tokonosu. They agree as she’s the only reason they found any survivors at the airport. On top of that, they let her take as many weapons as she can carry!

Finally, we’re back with Takashi and the others as they try to make their way to the school for the rescue mission. There are zombies in front and zombies behind. It’s raining hard and the group prepare to attack.

What was your favourite thing? Rika cleaning out the armoury was awesome. It’s just a shame we won’t get to see her enact her plan to find Marikawa, something that I think could be a spin-off series. At least, I’d watch it.

What was your least favourite thing? All that build up and no payoff. It would almost have been better to have not read this because now I have an idea of what was to come and it was going to be exciting. I have no doubt of that.

Are you ready for more? After that set up I am so ready for more. I find myself becoming more and more determined to write a zombie series, probably light novels with a view to one day turning into a manga. I’ve got a ton of things on my todo list and this one seems to be slowly climbing over the others. I need more zombies!


  1. It’s a great tragedy that this will never be finished and that the publishers are unable, or unwilling to have someone come in and do it.

    • Agreed. If it was me, I’d want someone else to pick up where I’d left off, especially considering the interest in it.

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