Highschool of the Dead (Episode 8) – The Dead Way Home

It’s best to try to put some distance between yourself and the zombie hordes. A river is ideal, as long as there isn’t more zombies waiting on the other side!

What did you watch? And that makes it eight episodes of Highschool of the Dead. I am now two thirds of the way through. Does it really have to end? I am seriously thinking about bingeing the whole series immediately after I finish before writing the series review.

What happened? Having rescued Arisu and Zero, the group take the Humvee across the river, driving through the shallows. When they get to the offer side there is no sign of the living or the dead. The girls take the chance to get dressed as Hirano and Takashi check the surroundings.

They’ve been driving around for a while now, but there’s still no sign of anyone. Then just as they start to relax they come across a horde and the further they go the bigger it gets. Desperate to break free Marikawa floors it, but then Saeko spots something in the road.

Someone has put up a wire barrier, presumably to the keep out the dead. The Humvee skids on the zombie remains and then won’t restart. Rei was thrown from the roof in the process and landed awkwardly, hurting her back. Takashi jumps down to protect her.

More and more zombies shuffled towards them. Saeko engages with her training sword, Hirano starts picking them off one by one, and Takashi uses Rei’s rifle, but none of it is enough. Even Takagi runs in to help. Things are looking dire.

What hooked you? A lot of the episodes have been consistent in their pacing. We’ve seen slow and considered and fast and action-packed, but in this episode, we got a little bit of both. I think they were trying to catch us out. It was also the first time where the group looked to be in serious trouble.

Watching the group fighting for the lives was intense. You know when Takagi is joining the fight that shit has hit the fan. That said, I’m still not sure why they all didn’t just crawl through the wires, but then that wouldn’t have been much fun.

I always enjoy Takashi’s commentary at the beginning and the end of each episode. In this one, he talks about never feeling so free, and I think that’s always something that’s appealed to me with zombies stories.

Watching Takashi and Saeko charging into the zombie horde is one of my favourite moments. There are some of the most memorable uses of bullet time in the fight. I’m not sure that’s what the Wachowski brothers had in mind when they developed it, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be complaining either.

What was your favourite thing? It has to be the fight. Again, there were so many entertaining moments. Takashi did say he would use the shotgun as a club if need be and watching Saeko race into battle, spinning and swirling is an absolute joy to watch.

It really showed how hopeless the situation had become. Takashi and Saeko charged into the horde, trying to draw them away. Takagi was ready to fight, but as the horde closed in she just hugged Rei. Hirano was trying to convince Arisu to take Zero and flee. While Marikawa couldn’t even look up from the steering wheel.

Seeing the anguish on their faces as they face up to the inevitable was heartbreaking. I love these characters. It’s hard to watch them suffer, but thank goodness the group that put up the wires returned and just in time.

After trying to draw the horde away, Takashi and Saeko found themselves on the wrong side of the zombies. Takagi yells for them to meet at her house as Takashi and Saeko take to streets, searching for a way around. This leads to another of my favourite moments, so I can’t wait.

What was your least favourite thing? It’s getting harder and harder to pick my least favourite moments. I think in this episode, I’m going to go with them not crawling under the wires. They could have easily made a stand with those holding the zombies back!

Who was your favourite character? The more I watch the more I remember how much I enjoy Takashi as the main character. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Saeko, but once again he was excellent in this episode. When all goes to hell, he is always willing to put himself in harms way and given that he’s not got any particular skill like Saeko, Hirano or Rei, it’s that much more impressive.

Who was your least favourite character? I don’t think I can pick one. With the exception of the late addition of Takagi’s mother, it was all the main group and I can’t pick one of them as my least favourite. I won’t do it. You can’t make me.

Are you ready for more? I am so ready for more, especially as Takashi and Saeko are running around the streets on their own. Even if I didn’t know what was going to happen I would be excited at the prospect of it. I’m entering the final third now and I don’t want it to end!


  1. The scene with the rifle, Saeko and Rei is the great ecchi/fanservice scene ever put to film/television, ever of all time. It is so absolutely over the top, absurd and just downright “what the fuck”.

    It’s absolutely fucking perfect.

  2. Open shirt Saya with a pump action! YUS! I need more Saya in my life…

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