Highschool of the Dead (Character Analysis) – Rei Miyamoto

Rei Miyamoto is one tough cookie. She’s more than capable of looking after herself, but can she make amends with Komuro or are they doomed?

What are you doing now? Yesterday, I looked into the character analysis of Takashi Komuro. Keeping to the same format and style, today I’m going to be talking about Rei Miyamoto. She’s the lead female character and potential love interest of Takashi… at least that’s what they want you to think, but I’ll get into that later.

Age 17 / Height 5’5” / Weight 110 LBS

Bust 34″ (E) / Waist 22″ / Hips 35″

Empathy: Rei starts off as the damsel in distress with Takashi running in and dragging her out of class. However, it soon becomes clear that she is much stronger than that, especially with her skills in spear martial arts.

Even with that though, she needs saving a couple times in the first episode, mostly from her judgement and unwillingness to accept the situation. It’s even harder when her boyfriend turns into a zombie before her eyes.

To make matter worse for Rei, she also recently dumped the hero for his best friend, which instantly puts her in a negative light. It makes for an interesting dynamic with their relationship. They’re long time friends and he appears to still have feelings for her, but it also seems to be too hard for him to completely get past what she did to him.

Character Arcs: As I said, Rei starts out looking like your typical damsel in distress, that was until Hisashi gives her the broken mop handle to use as a weapon. It’s pretty obvious from that point that she is more than capable of looking after herself. When Hisashi turned she struggled to come to terms with it, focusing her anger on Takashi who killed the zombie Hisashi.

For a while, Rei and Takashi butt heads, mostly because they both have feelings for each other but their past decision make it difficult. Even when they were separated from the group, they went back and forth. Rei slowly starts to realize that her anger has been misplaced and that Takashi isn’t the same guy he was before the outbreak.

However, later Rei realizes that she’s most likely missed her chance as Takashi and Saeko grow closer together. In a way, this seems to free her up to focus on fighting the zombies, similar to what drove Takashi from the start. She’s still not given up on him though, and struggles to hide her jealousy.

Goals: Rei’s main drive is to find her parents. After that, I think she’s determined not to be alone. In the first episode, after Takashi killed Hisashi, he threatened to leave but she begged him to stay. At that stage, I think it was less about it being Takashi and more about not being alone.

Sure, her feelings for him grew with every courageous act he performed, but by the time she came to act on it, it was too late. I also think, she still hopes that the world will return to normal. She has a more naive and hopeful outlook that most of the group.

Obstacles: The obvious obstacles are the zombies and other survivors slowing things down. As a group, they’ve already decided that they will look for each other’s family. With Rei’s father being a senior police officer, that will be harder as he’ll likely be involved in the survival operations.

Traits: Rei is the most hopeful member of the group. She finds it hard to come to terms that they will have to give up on saving or helping people. The only exception was with Shido, and given what he did to her that’s understandable.

She is obviously very clever, Takashi mentions how it’s impossible for a top student to get held back, but for whatever reason, she doesn’t confide in him at the time.

Motivations: It’s her desire to find her parents and somehow restore the world to the way it was. I think this what makes it harder for her to accept the zombie outbreak at first.

Flaws: I think Rei’s naivety is her biggest weakness, but I also think that she goes a long way towards addressing that as the story continues. It would be silly to say that dumping Takashi was a short coming, but it was obviously something she starts to regret as he proves his worth time and time again.

Vulnerabilities: Her anger towards Shido, whilst understandable does lead Rei to make some ill advised decisions. Again, she does work on it through the story, but I get the impression that not finishing him when she had the chance would have come back to haunt her had the story continued.

Attitude: Rei is confident in herself and also puts faith in those around her. She is respectful of others positions and observes all the correct addresses, often refering to Saeko as an elder, since she was forced to repeat the year even though they are the same age.

Others see her as dependable, although Saeko notices her insecurities.

Past Influences: One of Rei’s biggest influences on her life is her friendship with Takashi. They’ve known each other for a long time and even made future plans together, even if they didn’t quite go to plan.

She draws strength from her parents and doesn’t make a fuss when forced to retake the year even though it brought her father to tears. She has been quietly determined to make Shido pay but is prepared to wait for the right moment to do so.

The death of Hisashi in the first episode changed her outlook on life, making her realize that Takashi isn’t a bad guy and does have drive. Maybe it wasn’t visible before the outbreak, but it is now. Even so, she can’t help but compare him to Hisashi which hampers her attempts to reconcile with him.

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