Highschool of the Dead December (Introduction)

Is Highschool of the Dead the greatest anime ever? Possibly not, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise. Join me as I devour everything Highschool of the Dead.

What are you doing?

If you followed my 30 Day Anime Challenge, you’ll be well aware that I love Highschool of the Dead and there are many reasons why, but I’ll get into those later. Earlier this year I came across a review, which I shall not be linking to, that slammed Highschool of the Dead as one of the worst anime series ever.

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have no problem with someone not liking the greatest anime ever, even if they’re wrong.

In response to this post, which was very long and far too detailed for someone that couldn’t stand it, I am going to watch and review every episode, every manga, and offer my opinions and insights into why it is undoubtedly the greatest anime ever.

Highschool Of The Dead Saeko Marikawa Saya

Does this project have a catchy name?

I’m glad you asked. It shall be henceforth known as H.o.t.D.D. This is an abbreviation of Highschool of the Dead December and if you’ve seen it, I think you’ll appreciate the name even more.

Highschool of the Dead Saeko Busijima

Anything else you’d like to bring up?

Firstly, I’ve not seen the series in about three years, so there is the potential that my admiration is tainted with nostalgia. If that’s the case, I am more than willing to say so. Already this year, I’ve rewatched the Guyver series and Street Fighter II. Both coveted cherished memories from my youth. Both were mercilessly slammed for their poor storytelling.

I have no qualms about telling it how it is, however, you should probably also know that I love zombies. Love them! I have seen many, many zombie movies, read countless zombie comics and books, and even completed a 5km zombie obstacle course twice. If it has zombies in it, I am there.

Anyhow, enough of this waffle. It’s time for me to watch the first episode. I’m pretty excited. It’s been far too long!

Highschool Of The Dead Zombies

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  1. Man, you’re going to make me want to rewatch Highschool of the Dead!
    Looking forward to more posts about it.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Maybe if I can convince enough people to watch/rewatch it they’ll finally make a second season! I’m dreaming I know, but I’m never going to give up.

    • You never know! I read somewhere that they are making a new season of Ikkitousen..
      Sometimes ecchi just finds a way to keep airing haha

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