Highschool of the Dead (Volume 7) – The Manga

It’s the final volume of Highschool of the Dead ever… excuse me while I go cry in the corner of the room for a while…

What did you read? And I’m done! I just finished reading volume seven of the Highschool of the Dead manga. It is the final volume of the series and due to the sad passing of the author Daisuke Sato, there will likely be no more. It’s been a hell of a ride and something I’m likely to repeat. I’m definitely not leaving it for another three years. So, let’s get on with the review.

What Happened? The group escaped from the mall, but not all was well. Hirano, struggling to come to terms with shooting Asami, loses control and starts to attack the zombies, firing his weapon in the open. Zombies swarm around them, forcing the group to change their plans.

Next stop is the Eastern Police Station where Rei’s father is based. They manage to all make it there, thanks in part to Marikawa helping Hirano deal with his post traumatic shock. The police station, however, appears to have been abandoned, but only recently. They head inside to see if they can find anything useful.

The armery has been plundered, but the storage room for all confiscated materials is intact. They find some more weapons and a note telling them where to go next. Apparently there is a potential rescue operation in the works.

There’s not sign of Rei’s father, but when they discover a handwritten note by him, Rei is sure he’s alive. The location for the rescue is the school that Takashi’s mother works at, so they head to Rei’s house looking for her mother before making their way to the school.

A quick glimpse of the school shows a locked down location with refugees and police. There’s also a glimpse of our favourite pantomime villain and a couple of his students. Damn it, that wily bastard is still alive!

How was it different from the anime? Again this section is redundant as it hasn’t been made into an anime. Someday, I hope it is, but it looks increasingly unlikely. That said it is another excellent volume with some great artwork and a fascinating story.

What was your favourite thing? Seeing the group continuing the grow together, getting stronger and more organized is great. Even if the story did continue, I find it hard to believe that they would reintegrate with the survivors. They are destined to continue together, battling zombies and lunatics for all eternity.

What was your least favourite thing? That it is the end. All great stories have an ending and it’s sad that this one will never really have one. It’s nice to think that it’s still going on somewhere, but that doesn’t help. I’m just going to have to rewatch it sooner than I had anticipated.

Are you ready for more? I’ve said it before, but I will always be ready for more. Whatever format it comes in, you can count on me being there. I know it is a long shot, but I at least believe there is enough material for a second season of the anime. Maybe my posts will have inspired enough people to grab a copy or rewatch it. Maybe the sudden surge in interest will make the studios take notice. Maybe that was my plan all along…

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