Highschool of the Dead (Volume 6) – The Manga

Seriously, if you’ve not read volume 6, then go do it now. It’s like Highschool of the Dead meets Dawn of the Dead!

What did you read? Let me just catch my breath… That was volume six of the Highschool of the Dead manga. There were only three acts and a bonus act, but it was an unstoppable beast of a volume. Again, this is all story that hasn’t been animated, so if you haven’t read the manga, it will contain spoilers.

What Happened? All of the survivors had started to turn on Asami once they discovered that no help was coming. One survivor, in a moment of madness, decided to make a break for it, leaving the door open and letting the zombies into the mall.

Takashi and his group were already planning on leaving, but now that plan was falling apart too. Hirano tracked down Asami and convinced her to join them, which she does. Shortly after that, they discover that the first floor had been completely overrun with zombies.

The remaining survivors aren’t sure what to do, so Takashi tells them that they either run with them or do whatever they want. Asami and the guy that attacked Marikawa in the last volume decide to run with them, the rest make a break for the rooftop.

They use firecrackers to draw the zombies away, but when they spot the kid that opened the door trapped on top of a car, the guy races to help him. Asami follows despite Hirano’s plees for her to stop. They are quickly surrounded by zombies, leaving Hirano with a very difficult decision.

The bonus episode followed Takashi the night before the outbreak where he’s on the roof of the school discussing the girls at the school with a couple of friends.

How was it different from the anime? Obviously, nothing was in the anime, but it would make a couple of outstanding episodes. This was insanely good. Everything you would expect to be in a classic zombie movie was there. It was excellent.

What was your favourite thing? The action was relentless. It was like those amazing scenes in the anime where everything was over the top and wonderful, except it wasn’t over the top, it was just amazing. There were some classic idiot mistakes, but that’s what gets everything going and it always happens, one way or another.

What was your least favourite thing? I’m still surprised that they seem to forget that the zombies are attracted to sounds and not sights. They should be setting up diversions and having stuff in place so that they can just silently walk away. Another thing that often annoys me with zombie stuff is the lack of proactive zombie eradication. I would be setting traps and taking down as many as I could.

Are you ready for more? It’s sad. Much like getting towards the end of the anime, I’m now staring at the end of the manga. Sure, we made it a little further, but after the next volume and the first act of the incomplete eighth volume, there is nothing more. I will be alone once more. Until I start planning my own zombie series… and I’ve already got tons of ideas.

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