Highschool of the Dead (Season One)

A group of high school students will have to fight for their lives if they are going to survive the zombie apocalypse. And they thought homework was tough!

What did you watch and why? Recently I read a long and damning review of one of my favourite anime series of all-time – Highschool of the Dead. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and my opinion is that they were wrong, so I decided to rewatch Highschool of the Dead and review each episode to make this a thoroughly comprehensive review.

One line pitch! A group of high school students and a jiggly nurse attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse…

What’s it really about? One morning while skipping class Takashi Komuro witnesses a commotion at the front gates. Before he knows what’s happened one of the teachers has been bitten, died, and then returned as the living dead. He races back to class to warn the girl he loves, Rei Miyamoto. Soon the school is overrun with zombies and Takashi will have to fight to survive.

What hooked you? I originally caught a clip on YouTube and rushed off to find more. Before I knew what had happened I owned season one on BluRay. I love zombies and have always been into anime, but when I discovered this series I had fallen out of touch with anime and manga. Highschool of the Dead was love at first sight. On top of the zombies, there is incredible action, great characters, and a good helping of fan-service.

What was your favourite scene? There were so many great scenes throughout the series. If you check out my episode reviews, I nominate my favourite thing in each one. There is, however, one scene that instantly springs to mind. That is where the group save Arisu and Saeko rides on top of the Humvee in an apron and thong!

What was your least favourite scene? Honestly, I can’t think of a particular scene that I would say was my least favourite. Everything was just too awesome to call it my least favourite. Nope. Nothing springs to mind.

Who was your favourite character? I really enjoyed all of the characters. Each of them had their moments to shine, but there is one character who stands head and shoulders above a Humvee… My favourite character was Saeko Busujima. She is calm, determined, and knows how to handle a sword. What more do you need in a character?

Who was your least favourite character? I’m going to name Shido as my least favourite character. He was the sinister pantomime villain who tried to create his own group. I enjoyed his involvement, but he is meant to be disliked, which he did very well.

Which character needs more screen time? All of them need more screen time. How about another four or five seasons at least? Seriously, I’m not going to give up. I will continue to campaign for more by convincing more and more people to watch it.

What was your favourite quote? “You’re such a man, I’m impressed!”

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? There are some similarities to High School DxD, but only really on a superficial level. Both feature high school students and a good helping of fan-service. I’d like to see more zombie anime, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

Would you like another season? Yes. Yes. YES! There is more material in the manga, enough for a second season at least. I think it’s a huge waste to have built up such an interesting cast of characters only to leave their story unfinished.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration? I desperately want to write a zombie series with a similar level of action, adventure, and even the sexiness. I just need to work out how to write fan-service!

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