Highschool of the Dead (Episode 7) – Dead Night and the Dead Ruck

How do you choose who to save and who to leave behind? With a bad experience adding survivors to the group already, they need to think about themselves first.

What did you watch?

Oh, yeah! Episode seven of the Highschool of the Dead anime series is the best yet. So much action, so much heartbreak, and so many awesome moments. When I remember the series, so many of the things that stick in my head came from this episode.

What happened?

With the people trying to escape across the bridge all going to hell, a wave of zombies floods back into the city. Takashi and Hirano watch from the balcony of their apartment in horror. Saeko offers Takashi some advice about the state of the world.

They witness a man and his daughter trying to find someplace safe to escape the shuffling zombie horde. After knocking on a door repeatedly, it finally opens only for a blade to shoot out and stab the man. His daughter can only watch as he stumbles back and dies.

Zombies move in, staggering after the little girl. Takashi stares on helplessly until Hirano shoots the approaching zombies. Unable to abandon the little girl they quickly come up with a plan, which involves Takashi riding through the horde on the motorbike while Hirano clears the way from above.

Takashi makes it to the walled garden and takes care of the remaining zombies, but now he’s trapped there. The only way out is to put the little girl on his back and take to the walls, along with the little dog that tried to protect her. As if this wasn’t all epic enough the girls and Hirano drive the Humvee through the horde to rescue Takashi.

What hooked you?

So, this episode had a much higher tempo which made it almost impossible to look away. The scene where the father is unable to protect his little girl was really heartbreaking, but at the same time, it paved the way for the epic rescue.

There was less character development in this one, although I think Saeko showed how she can motivate the group. Telling Takashi that it was over and that they could only protect themselves, helped the group rediscover their humanity.

It was really one of those episodes where it just keeps getting better and better. You’re watching, thinking this is epic. There’s no way to top this. Then someone yells hold my beer and it gets even more epic. I love the way the episodes play with the action and the pacing.

The scene where they drive the Humvee through the horde with Saeko standing on top in her apron with Hirano crouched down ready to fire his rifle from between her legs has got to be one of my favourite images in anime, ever.

What was your favourite thing?

Ha! I think I may have just given that away. That said the Humvee scene wouldn’t have worked quite so well without all of the build-up. My favourite thing was the entire episode. Yep, all of it.

I loved the contrast at the start where it switched back and forth between the zombie horde and the group safe in the apartment. It showed Saeko looking through the fridge, Takagi and Marikawa sleeping, Rei sitting on the stairs, and all the while the endless zombie horde marched towards them.

Then, Saeko gave Takashi the talk about protecting themselves from the living as well as the dead, leaving him to watch the devastation unfold from the balcony.

That was when it all kicked up a gear with the double rescue and abandoning the apartment. Did I mention about Saeko standing on top of the Humvee in only her thong and apron, sword drawn? EPIC!

What was your least favourite thing?

My only complaint in the whole episode is that it should have been much longer. Is it too soon to start my campaign for a second season already? That’s why we’re really here, isn’t it!

Who was your favourite character?

I can’t do it. There was just so many amazing moments, that I can’t pick a favourite character. Takashi was awesome in saving the little girl, Hirano picking off zombies sniper-style, Saeko standing on a moving Humvee, Marikawa not realising she was naked for most of the episode. Rei and Takagi were also cool but didn’t have as much to do.

Who was your least favourite character?

So, this one is easy. It was those people that stabbed the father rather than letting them in. What a bunch of cowards. I hope the zombie horde smashed through the door and ripped them to shreds. And apologizing the entire time, like that would make a difference.

Are you ready for more?

I cannot wait for the next episode. Seriously, I love this series and I’m not sure how I’m going to take getting to the end again. Admittedly, I plan on reading the manga straight after, but it still won’t be enough.

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  1. Saeko on top of the humvee was legendary! I still vividly remember that scene. And this episodes highlights the worse parts of humanity. Awesome read!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, but also the best. Takashi races in to save the girl without a thought for himself or how he would get her out of there. And Saeko on the Humvee is just the best thing ever.

  2. You are quite right sir! So because of you, I have this series in my Amazon cart waiting for next payday.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Awesome! I bought my copy when I was living in New Zealand so can only watch it on my computer. Ideally, I’d like a digital copy so I can have it on my phone. Then I can watch it whenever I want…

    • It is not available for purchase where you are? If so, perhaps Santa needs to deliver you a care package!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      It probably is. Just worried that if I go into Amazon to order it I may accidentally put a Saeko standing on top of a humvee figurine into my basket too! Going to have to set up a savings fund for that I think!

    • O_O… That would be so dope!!

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