Highschool of the Dead (Episode 12) – All Dead’s Attack

The zombie horde is closing in and with most of the electronics fried, there’s no way to barricade the gates. They are going to have to hurry if they are to have any chance of escaping.

What did you watch?

Hang on. Give me a moment, I’m feeling a little numb! That was episode twelve of the Highschool of the Dead anime series. The last episode… Why does it have to end? It deserves so much more.

What happened?

At the end of the last episode, we saw all the world powers firing off their missiles as a preemptive strike. A number of warships around the world attacked the missiles, but one had been overrun with zombies and was unable to stop the attack.

The nuclear warhead detonated in the upper atmosphere, creating an electromagnetic pulse that fried all electronics back on the ground. Phone, computers, cars with microchips are all now useless.

This led to a series of disastrous events, compromising the security of the Takagi Manor. A wave of zombies crashed into the gates and soon broke through, attacking the survivors. Takagi’s parents tell the group to make a run for it while they see to the other survivors.

Thankfully the Humvee was equipped with EMP shielding so it still works, but it’s not quite ready. The group make a stand as the final repairs are completed. Wave after wave of zombies stumbled forwards, desperate to get their hands on the living.

What hooked you?

It’s far too late for that, but basically, everything starts to go wrong and it’s an epic battle to escape. Takagi’s parents are complete badasses as they charge into the zombie horde like a couple of star-crossed lovers.

As you can probably imagine, this was a high-paced, action-packed episode. There was so much action that time flew by and it didn’t even feel like a full episode. It was good to see the group back together doing what they do best.

And once the Humvee was up and running we got treated to an awesome escape scene, complete with Saeko riding on the roof. The stunts that followed were so utterly insane and improbable, but it was an absolute joy to behold. Spoiler alert, it’s going to be my favourite thing.

Rika, Marikawa’s sniper friend appeared for a brief moment. Shido quite likely met his doom, although that was unconfirmed and until you see the pantomime villain die, you don’t believe it. We also saw how much of a pacifist the leader of the survivors was when push came to shove.

What was your favourite thing?

Without a doubt, it was the escape. Everyone jumped into the Humvee except for Saeko, who took her position on the roof, as normal. They sped through the courtyard, running down zombies and then jumped past Takagi’s parents, her father giving an approving sneer.

Then they had to get past the barrier, which was partially blocked by Shido’s crashed school bus. Damn that guy. The gap looked too small, but somehow, Marikawa, the ditzy school nurse, managed to get the Humvee onto two wheels and hold it steady as they slipped through the gap.

While all that was happening, Saeko was hanging off the side of the Humvee as if she was in the America’s Cup. It was amazing. Then at the last second, Takashi pulled her inside the cab as they scrapped past Shido’s school bus. The only way this scene would have been better was if they ran down the zombie Shido.

What was your least favourite thing?

Knowing that this was it. Even though they showed us the mall at the end of the episode, Dawn of the Dead style, I know that it will never be. It just knocks the wind out of you, having enjoyed something so much only to get to the end, especially when it’s not really the end.

Who was your favourite character?

I want to give it to Saeko for riding on top of the Humvee again, especially when it was on two wheels, but I also feel compelled to give it to Takagi’s parents. Sure, they were harsh and dark, but they were also so cool. It’s a shame that we’re not going to see any more of them either.

Who was your least favourite character?

There is literally no one to give this to. Everyone and everything was awesome. Maybe, that whiny guy at the airport who asked Rika what was going on. He was in for maybe three seconds and he annoyed me, so it’s that random extra guy. You suck random extra guy!

Are you ready for more?

I will always be ready for more. Whenever they decide to make it, I will be there. And I’m not going to stop. I’ve also got a lot of ideas for a zombie story of my own, inspired by Highschool of the Dead. I just need to work out how to write the fan-service.

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  1. They really do need more of this. It sucks how in to the story the manage to draw the audience and then they just leave us hanging.

    • Exactly. We’re ready for more. They’ve done such a good job of setting up the characters and the world, it’s such a shame to just leave it there.

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