Gurren Lagann – Season One

Simon is a digger. He lives in a small subterranean community, making tunnels and uncovering artefacts buried within the ground. Viewed as a bit of an odd bod, he aligns himself with the charismatic delinquent, Kamina who has dreams of going up to the surface.

Out of the blue, a giant mecha falls through the cavern ceiling and starts attacking the humans. A beautiful girl armed with a massive gun follows and fights back. Kamina rushes to help, but can’t do much with his katana against such a large mecha.

Things are looking bad until Simon leads them up one of his tunnels and shows them a small mecha he discovered. They battle their way to the surface, a desolate barren wasteland. There they capture another mecha and fight against the evil overlords that prowl the surface, hunting humans.

This is where the fun really begins. I’ll admit at first Kamina was incredibly annoying with all of his big gestures and over the top statements, but it starts to get entertaining. Simon is a bit of wet fish through the entire series, but even he pales in comparison to Rossiu.

Rossiu is a character that is added later on and is annoying from the start, but in the second half, he becomes outright ridiculous, making absurd decisions and generally being a dick! None of them compares to Yoko, the beautiful girl with the massive gun. She rocks and the show could have just been about her.

There are also two distinct parts. The main story appeared to end in episode fifteen. A recap episode followed… seriously, the whole episode was a recap. Next episode starts seven years later. I wasn’t too impressed when it happened and I still don’t like it after finishing the series.

The first fifteen episodes are fun and entertaining if a little crazy and over the top. I didn’t like the big shock twist and won’t spoil it for, but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. The second half was a mess, filled with lots of shouting and absurd plot manoeuvres. Did I say that Rossiu was a jerk!

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