Goblin Slayer! – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

All right! It’s time to kill more goblins. It’s in the title, so he is contractually obligated to kill more goblins, which is something I’m fully onboard with.

What’s happened since last time? Goblin Slayer slept for three days, recovering from the battle with the troll. Once recovered, or as close to as he was willing to wait, he returned to work – killing goblins.

To help the Guild, he sat in on a level assessment as an observer, which seemed to bore him to no end. As soon as that was done, he jumped on another mission, inviting his companions from the last quest to come with him.

They agreed, but put some restrictions on the things that the Goblin Slayer can use to kill goblins, which was a little harsh in my view. They arrive at a beautiful city with waterways and stunning architecture, only to discover that a goblin horde had settled into the ruins beneath.

Deep beneath the city, they encounter a goblin hero and barely escape with their lives. Once recovered, and it was touch and go for a while there, they return to take on a demonic eye that appeared to be guarding something sinister.

Have your feelings changed? Nope. I loved everything about this series after the first episode and that feeling just got stronger as I continued to watch. Having now watched eight episodes, it is still one of my favourites of the season, possibly the year.

Favourite character so far? Nothing has changed. I want to see the Goblin Slayer doing what he does best, being silent and broody. No! Not that. I want to see him killing goblins and all other demonic beasts he comes across, using whatever method he deems necessary.

Who do you want to see more of? After the first impressions, I said I wanted to see more of the new group – the High Elf Archer, the Dwarf Shamen, and Lizard Priest. I was not let down. It would appear that this group is now firmly established, so I would like to see more dangerous quests, and of course more goblin slaying!

Are you going to continue watching? Absolutely. I love this series. It’s dark and dangerous, and the stakes have been set. As much as people complained about the opening episode, it really set things up, making it possible for anything to happen to anyone. Without that, you would end up being bored. It’s great to see the characters winning, but only if there’s a chance that they could lose.

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6 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer! – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)”

  1. Glad you are continuing to have fun with this one. I’m looking forward to the final episode. The series is ending on one of my favourite moments from the light novels so I’m hoping they do it well.

    1. Yeah, it’s rare to get a good dark fantasy series. I’m desperately trying to avoid spoilers for it, which will be harder as I’m watching dubbed. I may switch to subs just so I can watch it earlier…

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