Goblin Slayer! (Season One)

When a young Priestesses party of adventurers falls foul of a goblin ambush all appears lost, until an armoured man strides through the caves slaying every goblin he can.

What did you watch and why? Even before the massive out roar that followed episode one, Goblin Slayer was one of the series I was sure that I was going to watch and enjoy. I love epic fantasy and adventures, but I also like dark and gritty, so this should be a perfect union.

What’s it about? A young Priestess joins an adventuring guild and is convinced by a confident group of adventurers to join their party on an easy quest. Some goblins have kidnapped some girls and it was their job to rescue them and eradicate the goblins. The Priestess was hesitant but eager to get her first quest under her belt.

Everything goes horribly wrong. Within minutes they are ambushed and overpowered. With the end appearing neigh, the Priestess is saved by the Goblin Slayer, but the rest of the party was not so lucky. She is grateful for his help and is determined to return the favour, joining him on more quests.

With word of the Goblin Slayer’s deeds spreading through the country, another group of adventurers comes looking for him. Goblins have been attacking an Elven community and they need his expertise to get rid of them once and for all. Together they form an unlikely group, but it seems to work.

More quests leads to more goblins, which is fine with the Goblin Slayer as all he wants to do is kill every last goblin in the world.

What hooked you? The first episode is dark and brutal, but incredibly effective at setting the stakes for the series. This isn’t going to be some happy quest with songs and frolicking. People are going to die or worse. Straight away we are shown just how dangerous the goblins are and exactly how much we should hate them. I knew I was going to love this series.

What was your favourite scene? There were lots of great battles and the final battle really is incredible, but my favourite scene was actually just before that. The Goblin Slayer was completing his usual checks of the farm he stays at. We’ve seen him doing it several times before in the series.

All appears to be as usual. The Cow Girl is running through some thoughts in her head, thinking of the future and what it holds for the Goblin Slayer. The wind blows through the long grass. There’s an ominous feeling that you just can’t shake and then the Goblin Slayer stops, staring at the mass of goblin footprints.

I loved the way that scene played out. We all knew what was coming, but they way it was delivered gave us false hope. So, when we finally see the footprints, and there were a lot, all that hope is washed away as we stare at the screen unable to breathe. I thought that was a really effective moment, especially as we’ve seen what the goblins will do to the farm.

What was your least favourite scene? I’m only saying this because we need to know more, but the flash back to Goblin Slayer as a child being trained by what I can only presume was a goblin shaman. I’m sure we’ll find out more next season, but it was not quite enough to make it effective, even when the riddle popped back into his head (which was the ‘What’s in my pocket?’ riddle from The Hobbit.)

Who was your favourite character? The Goblin Slayer without a doubt. His silent and thoughtful approach to everything reminded me of another of my favourite characters, Vampire Hunter D. I’m not sure why, but the strong silent characters have always resonated with me. He takes everyday experiences and uses them to kill goblins. You’ve got to admire his ingenuity.

Sure, he’s got some demons and his obsession with killing goblins is quite intense, but given what he went through it’s hard to fault him for it. His manner and presence help him. Sure, some laugh at him, but those that matter can see him for what he really is, powerful, intelligent and determined.

Who was your least favourite character? With such a tight focus on Goblin Slayer, there really wasn’t that many characters involved. I think the entire cast complimented the Goblin Slayer and he certainly helped each of them in his weird way. If I’m really going to pick someone it’ll be the Cow Girl’s uncle, but he was just looking out for her, so I can’t fault his logic in warning her away from Goblin Slayer.

Which character needs more screen time? I would like to see more of the other members of the guild. It was great when they all came to the Goblin Slayer’s aid in the final arc. There are some interesting characters that could help develop the Goblin Slayers character arc. That said, just seeing him go on more quests with the Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizard Priest would be enough. Wouldn’t say no to more of the Sword-Maiden either!

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? There were some similarities with Vampire Hunter D, which I’ve mentioned. The tone and severity of the series make me think about A Game of Thrones, but only because it is a fantasy with dark and realistic villains. If anyone can recommend anything else similar I would be quite keen to watch it.

Would you like another season? I can’t wait for more Goblin Slayer. Even the mildly boring elements where they were sitting around a fire or eating ice cream. I loved all of it. It felt like how I’d imagine adventuring would be like for real. High action bloody quests and then sitting around not doing very much.

What elements of the story inspire you? I already have a dark fantasy series called Valiant Lineage with eight novellas that have similar tones and themes to them. It follows a girl who becomes a vampire hunter and ends up in the middle of a war between vampires and zombies. It’s dark, brutal, and action-packed.

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AnimerciseThis was the last series of the Fall 2018 schedule that isn’t running into Winter 2019. There are 5 episodes because it had a 10.5 recap which I ended up watching. Also, for the last episode, I started to do ten push-ups, sit-ups, and squats per episode. It was too easy. Hopefully, this will make it more worthwhile too.

Episode Count: 5 (63)

Push-ups – 30 (230)

Sit-ups – 30 (220)

Squats – 10 (200)


  1. I really hope this one gets a second season. There’s so many more adventures to go on and spending time with the characters here is fun. As you said, there’s a lot more to get to know about them and it would be great to see more of the world.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yes definitely. I also though the scene in the guild where he begged for help was exceptional. It was one of those rare feel good moments as everyone that he’d helped along the way rallies around until he had an army of adventurers.

    • It’s such a rewarding moment. I really loved that particular moment in the light novel as well and I’m glad they decided to end the anime on that story even if it meant they had to reorder some other stuff to make it work.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      I’ve not read the light novels or the manga. Think I’ll have to check them out. It certainly built up to a satisfying end in the season. Looking forward to another for sure.

  2. Really enjoyed this season of Goblin Slayer. My only complaint is that the plot is pretty lackluster but, honestly, they’re just following the source material. I’ve read up to the current chapter of the manga, and the plot is very much meandering even there. My personal favorite thing about Goblin Slayer are the D&D references, as I’m a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      It would have been nice to have a big plot flowing through the whole season, but I also enjoyed the meandering. I think it reflected the Goblin Slayers reluctance to move on, which it looks like he can now do. It was definitely interesting that the big quest to slay the demon lord took place in the background.

    • Yeah, it’s certainly a different way to do things. I read an interesting post about how keeping the demon lord arc in the background showed that Goblin Slayer was capable of being The Hero, but for the fact that he was so single-minded about goblins. Definitely hoping it gets another season.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Agreed about the Goblin Slayer potentially being a great hero. He’s shown how incredible his strategic planning is and how he’s able to adapt everyday things into weapons.

  3. David Boone (moonhawk81)

    At the end of the final episode, it said that Goblin Slayer would be back, so I’m pretty sure we’re getting a second season. Good review!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, I think it’s a good bet. There so many other things I left out of the review too. This series gave us lots to take in and discuss. It’s already one of my favourites.

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