Freezing Vibration (Season Two)

The government is developing an artificial Pandora program for the girls that aren’t compatible with the Stigmata. What could possibly go wrong?

What did you watch?

This is the second season of Freezing and as I selected it for my A to Z Anime Challenge I dived straight in, even despite my mixed feelings from season one. I’m looking forward to seeing if any of my concerns have been addressed, however, obviously this was made before my review so how would they know?

What happened?

A select group of students are sent to a top-secret research facility in Alaska. There the government has been attempting to develop artificial Pandora enabling them to turn half the world population into weapons to fight the Nova. To begin with, a series of battles take place to assess the strength of the artificial Pandora and they are easily defeated by the real Pandora.

In order to make them stronger, the next round of testing pushes the artificial Pandora further than ever before. More testing takes place and this time the results are much more favourable. Things are looking up for the artificial Pandora program until the latest test subject transforms into a Nova and has to be defeated by the Pandoras.

Worried about the sinister motives of the group behind the testing, third-year student Elizabeth Mably uses her father’s status to leak information about the plan. Before he can act, his company is dragged through a financial scandal destroying his reputation and Elizabeth is severely punished. Now, it’s down to Satellizer and her estranged family to let the world what is going on, but that’s not going to be easy.

What did you think?

This season had the same sinister and dark vibes as the first one, but I think they did a better job of segmenting the fan-service and darker storylines. It definitely didn’t feel as jarring as season one. Again it was a thoroughly engaging story with some pretty horrific events, but I enjoyed this season far more. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with Elizabeth Mably being more involved and less out-of-place beauty pageants!

Freezing Vibration Satellizer

What was your favourite moment?

On the whole, there was a lot to enjoy in this season, but I’m going to say the final battle between the Nova that was created from the artificial Pandora and the Pandoras was pretty spectacular. Especially when third-year president Chiffon stepped in and unleashed all of her power. A special nod to Elizabeth Mably for her swimsuit and attitude towards those that would judge her.

Freezing Vibration Chiffon

What was your least favourite moment?

After saying all that, I had a couple of least favourite scenes. Firstly, when Elizabeth Mably was punished by electrocution. That was a shocking scene although it just highlighted the despicable steps the organisation was willing to take to maintain its control.

Next was the scene where Satellizer and Kazuya went to the El Bridget hotel where she hoped to convince her family to put pressure on the organisation and reveal its secrets. The only thing standing in her way was her abusive step-brother, who had only gotten worse since last they met. After locking her up and trying to pay off Kazuya, it somehow got worse.

Her step-brother’s Pandora had feelings for him but blamed Satellizer for him not being able to commit to her… On top of that, when Satellizer and Kazuya won. The step-brother realised out of the blue what a first-rate asshole he’d been and threw himself off a cliff only to be rescued by his Pandora. After that, everything was fine… Seriously, that all happened a little sudden for me.

Who was your favourite character?

This will probably come as no shock to anyone that’s read this far, but it was Elizabeth Mably. She was massively underused in the first season and really stepped up as the star of the show for me… and not just because of her swimsuit… She was tough, determined, and understood the responsibility that comes with privilege.

Freezing Vibration Elizabeth Mably

Who was your least favourite character?

That’s fairly easy. It’s Satellizer’s step-brother, Louis and his Pandora, Holly. Both were pretty much disgraceful characters who failed to atone for what they did, but everyone was fine with that…

Which character needs more screen time?

I’m not going to say he needed more time, because the lack of Kazuya was actually well received. It was, however, odd that the central character for season one was relegated to a cheerleader for most of this season. I’m not complaining, just noting that it was odd. So, instead, I shall respectfully request more Elizabeth Mably.

Freezing Vibration Elizabeth Mably

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen?

I noted the similarities to Hundred after watching the first season. Obviously, that still stands, although I will again say that this season was far superior and definitely handle the mix of fan-service and serious storylines better. There was still plenty of both, but this time they didn’t appear to get in each other’s way.

Would you like some more?

There are still six OVAs for this that I’m yet to see, so at some point, I’ll track them down and surprisingly I would like to see another season, especially if they maintain the vibe that this season had. Fan-service generally doesn’t bother me and especially not when it has an engaging story to go with it. Just get the balance right, that’s all I ask.

Freezing Vibration Fight

What have you learnt?

I generally write dark fantasy or science fiction so there is a lot of elements that interested me in this series. I also tend to have strong leading ladies and season two gave us plenty of those. There isn’t anything that I can particularly put my finger on, but I will continue to watch shows like this and hope to absorb the essence that makes viewers into insatiable fans.

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Here’s another twelve episodes to add to my tally. Disappointed that the second set of OVAs weren’t on the Funimation Now player, but I’ll survive.

  • Episode Count: 12 (182)
  • Push-ups – 120 (1,290)
  • Sit-ups – 120 (1,290)
  • Squats – 120 (1,260)


  1. It feels like an eternity since I’ve seen Freezing and it’s sequel. It’s definitely interesting how fan service manages to find itself applied to everything – comedy, horror, action, psychological, etc..

    • Yeah, it work in any genre if done right. The second season definitely did it better from my point of view.

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