Forgotten Worlds by Andre Jeter

Alright. Have you caught up on the Alteruvium Expanse? Well, I have and there are some very good stories so far. Mine is still to come, so hopefully, that trend continues…

This is the sixth story in the Alteruvium Expanse. Six! Can you believe it? Organising authors can be as frustrating, if not more so than herding cats. Thankfully, I’ve not been responsible for that task, but I can say that it has been a remarkably smooth process so far.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Please take a moment to leave a review. It doesn’t have to be super detailed. There are few things authors like more than receiving reviews… I think maybe coffee, seclusion, and alcohol, but it’s easier to give them a review.

So, here is the sixth addition to the Alteruvium Expanse. Enjoy.

Forgotten Worlds

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Robert is running out of time. He has two weeks to find half a million credits or his girlfriend, Vivian is dead. Kidnapped in the night as collateral for Robert’s gambling debts, he has no choice but to hustle.

He’s almost there when a squabble with an old acquaintance leaves an innocent bystander dead. On the run and without a credit to his name, Robert is stunned and thrown into an unmarked transport.

Waking on a mysterious world, Robert is given a chance to earn more than enough money to free Vivian. He must dive into his own mind to find the location of a mysterious planet that only he has been to.

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