Author Journey February 2018

Lynn Sheridan Author Journey February 2018

So February was a pretty exciting month. The first three stories from the Alteruvium Expanse were released. I’ve read them all so far and encourage you to give them a go. Please don’t forget to leave a review if you do. Authors are always excited to get feedback and it helps other readers find the stories they are looking for.

I managed to get some more editing done on Valiant Lineage, which is going well. It could be faster, but I’m not feeling the pressure yet, although I’m sure that will come. You remember how when you were at school and would leave homework until the last possible moment, well being a writer is no different. There’s always something else to do which seems more exciting at the time.

With that said I did start work on my part for Black Death book three. It is going very well so far and I expect to have the first draft in the bag by the end of March. There were some very difficult scenes to write, which mostly put my character in very serious situations with some really creepy villains. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

We’re also at a stage where I can announce my collaborative partners for the series. They are Jon Cronshaw and Killian Carter. Both are fantastic writers with amazing drive and passion. You can sample their work as both have a free story available on their websites. You should definitely check them out. Like I said they’re free.

After ploughing through the Akira series, I got to work on Claymore. Again my library is amazing. They have them all and are able to move them to my local branch for me to pick up. I have already read the first ten and they are just as entertaining as the anime.

Claymore Manga

I finished watching Overlord and Fate/Apocrypha. Season two of Overlord is running now, but I’m waiting to binge them. Fate/Apocrypha was an odd one, but it wouldn’t put me off watching anymore in the series. I also started watching the anime version of Witchblade. It’s a series I started watching many years ago but never got to finish. And I’m still watching One Piece…

One Piece Luffy

There are some fairly big life events coming up soon, so I am going to have to get my nose down and put in some serious work. I say work, obviously, I’m talking about watching anime and making up stories, so sure, let’s call it work!

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