Author Journey February 2017

Another month down and my word count is growing. My daily average has also seen a pretty significant boost. The habit is setting in and I’m really enjoying the writing process again.

So, I finished off the first draft of volume three in the first three days of the month. That was the last of the stories that I unpublished to rewrite. It’s all new territory from here.

Volume four was a lot of fun to write. There are several different elements and factions at play in this world and this is the first real involvement from the main groups of antagonists. Now, I love my heroes. They are who I write about. It’s their story, but it is so much fun writing about the villains.

Despite February being a short month I managed to add another 38,202 words, bringing my total for 2017 to 64,289. I have just started work on volume seven and even with my loose plot, there is no shortage of ideas.

The snow is still here. Sadly, no signs of it letting up just yet. I followed up last month’s viewing of Breaking Bad by jumping straight into Better Call Saul. Clearly, I still needed my fix, even if it was the real stuff. That said it was very entertaining and it’s great to see a lot of the old characters again.

I also started The 100 for the second time. From the outside, this series should be perfect for me. It still might be, but not right now. The show follows a group of teenagers who have lived their entire lives on a space station.

In episode one they are sent to Earth to see if it is habitable again. The teens land on Earth, the doors open, and they all run out into the wilderness as if the difference in gravity wouldn’t drop them like a sack of potatoes. I got as far as episode nine. It’s further than I got last time…

Anyhow, it’s a new month and I’ve got words to write.

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