Fate/Zero – Season Two

Caster has created a colossal demon. He plans to put on a spectacle for God to watch. Saber, Lancer, and Rider fight to stop him, while Archer and Berserker battle high in the skies overhead. Tokiomi Tosaka, Rin’s father, reveals what a lousy piece of work he is when confronted by Kariya Mato.

Lancer destroys one of his weapons to allow Saber to heal and use her Noble Phantasm, which is their only chance to stop Caster. Kiritsugu watches from above through the sight of his sniper rifle before taking out Caster’s master, but even that’s not enough to stop Caster.

The battle for the Holy Grail has intensified and the masters are revealing their true colours. Once again, Kiritsugu doesn’t appear as bad as they first made out. At least he’s always been honest about his methods. It’s all about to get nasty.

So this series just keeps getting better. The opening battle is insane, but that’s nothing. We get to see a glimpse into Kiritsugu’s past and that is stunning. As a child, he has to deal with Dead Apostles, vampires created by magecraft that kill his family. That whole story arc was amazing. Dark, brilliant, and heartbreaking.

There are so many twists and turns as the mages look to outdo each other. Some of the battles are outstanding as the heroic spirits pull off their strongest attacks and fight to the bitter end. The fate of Rider and Waver was a special moment for me. I’m glad it went the way it did as it could have been far worse.

All in, this is a much better series than the original Fate/Stay Night. It definitely helps to have seen both. As much as the original annoyed me, I would recommend watching it first. I think it gives this series more context and whilst you kind of know what’s going to happen, as with all prequels, its done in such a way as to keep it interesting. This is a great series in a strong and interesting franchise.


  1. I love this series so much! I completely agree with you with watching the first series. Most would say to watch Zero first but I could never jump on the ban wagon. Everything that happens in Zero has so much weight when you are aware of the characters in Fate/Stay Night. It means more to see these character’s trials and struggles. I feel like it would lose so much if you watch Zero first.

    • It would be good watching it first for sure, but the extra depth added knowing about what comes next really does give it that much more significance

    • To the grand moments to the smaller ones, like why reason why Illya refers to Shiro as brother which puzzled me until Zero was released.

    • Yeah and the stuff about Rin’s Sister was grim too, but it was Kiritsugu’s back story that really sold me on this series.

    • Yes!!! To understand what Shiroe saw in Kiritsugu when he sawed him and understand why Shiroe admired him so much… to know what he sacrificed and went through. I going to have to rewatch this series because of you.

      And Saber and her feeling on the entire conflict that she vaguely alludes to in the other paths.

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