Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – Season Two

Shiro and Rin are still in the middle of the Holy Grail war, but Shiro has lost Saber. He struggles to come to terms with how he failed her and how it had been his lifelong dream to become a hero of justice.

Most of the players are now in the mix and battles are becoming more intense. No more running and hiding when it looks like you might lose, these servants are putting their lives on the line.

There are still a number of unanswered questions and hidden motives that could flip this Holy Grail war on its head. In the end, there can be only one master, but who will it be?

Season one ended with an epic bombshell. It was amazing. Obviously, I threw myself straight into season two. I wasn’t disappointed… to start with, anyhow. It continued at the same awesome pace with treachery and some insane twists and turns.

Sadly, something seemed to go very wrong. I think it started when we were treated to an inner monologue from Shiro. Then everyone seemed to want one.

The biggest annoyance in this whole series, however, was when the identity of Rin’s servant had been revealed. Everyone in the show knew it, all of the viewers knew it, but it took three episodes before anyone actually came out and said it.

There was also a battle that spanned three episodes. This sounds like it should have been epic, but it wasn’t. The actual fight could have probably been completed in five minutes if not for all the standing around while they took turns reciting their inner monologues.

It was utterly frustrating which is a shame because it really took away from what had been a fantastic series to that point. There is still lots to enjoy and plenty of reasons to watch it. Just be ready for the endless rambling droning monologues.

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