Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – Season One

The Fifth Holy Grail war has begun and Shiro Emiya has found himself caught in the middle. An amateur mage with limited abilities somehow he managed to summon a servant. It’s not just any old servant either. It’s a Saber class servant.

A secret magical tournament, the Holy Grail War is fought between seven mages, each with a servant, a reincarnated personification of legendary heroes. The seven mages fight to the death until there is a sole victor. The Holy Grail will then grant the champions a wish of their choosing.

With seven highly skilled warriors, it’s not good enough just to have the strongest one. If the mage is killed, the warrior will vanish. The mage must be more than just an accidental master.

In this series, there are really two protagonists Shiro Emiya and Rin Tosaka. To start things off both are given an episode that overlaps to give us two views of the same events, ultimately ending at the same point, before the story really starts to unfold. I thought this was a really nice way to get things started. It gave us a chance to find out about them both without getting overloaded.

The legendary warriors are amazing and the battles between them are spectacular. It’s not just two hyper-powered thugs bashing each other repeatedly. Each of the servants falls into a different type and each has their own particular way of fighting.

I also enjoyed the odd relationship between Shiro and Rin. It’s constantly shifting back and forth between love and hate. There is lots of intrigue and mystery around the servants too as they guard their true identities and secret abilities until absolutely necessary.

It’s a great premise with some great action. Shiro does get a little annoying from time to time, whereas Rin started out annoying and becomes less so as it goes on. I’m heading straight into season two.

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