Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season Two

What did you watch and why? I’ve had mixed feelings with the whole Fate series. Earlier in the year, I watched the first season and it left things wide open, so when the second season appeared, I felt like I had to finish things off.

One line pitch! The spirits of ancient heroes fight in a digital world that is the last bastion of humanity…

What’s it really about? Who the hell knows? We join the characters from the end of season one as they ascend to the sixth level, where the guardian awaits them. There’s a lot of talking, mostly one-sided as everyone seems to be happy to not interrupt each other. Then there’s a couple of massive attacks and it’s all over…

What hooked you? It was less of being hooked and more of a morbid curiosity and my inability to stop watching once I’ve reached a certain point. As I mentioned in my review for the first season, Saber was the only reason to watch this series, and not just because she had butt cleavage…

What was your favourite scene? It’s worth noting that season two was only three episodes long. Admittedly, the third episode was twice the length of a normal episode. However, I cannot think of a particularly memorable moment, other than the aforementioned butt cleavage. Can that count as a scene?

What was your least favourite scene? That would be any time Saber was not on the screen. This series really was a massive disappointment. I hated the monologues and lengthy discussion in all of them, but this one is the worst for it.

Who was your favourite character? Saber was the shining light for this series. Without her, there’s no way I could have watched it. Even the fights have become boring. There’s isn’t any real battles anymore. Everyone just uses a noble phantasm, the screen gets all flashy, and then someone’s won.

Who was your least favourite character? That is going to be the emotionless and utterly boring lead character, Deadface or Hakuno, or whatever he’s called.

Which character that needs more screen time? They should have cut Hakuno and just used Rin Tohsaka for the lead. Let her finally get the Saber servant she’s been pining for.

What was your favourite quote? At one point, Gawain unleashed a big flash of light on the final stage. It summed up all of the fights to this point. No substance, no intensity. So, I thought it ironic that at that point Rin said, “That was intense.” No, Rin, it wasn’t.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? There are obvious similarities with all the other Fate series, although for quality I’d say this is most like Apocrypha. Zero is still my favourite, while Stay Night sits in the middle.

Would you like another season? No, absolutely not. I love the overall concept of the Grail Wars and summoned heroes, but they just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to pacing. In a fight, no one gives a monologue, usually, it’s tough to get out more than a couple of words.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? I’d love to do a battle royale story with multiple combatants all fighting to the death over some coveted prize. It would be a lot of fun to do multiple POVs and keep the reader guessing as to who will win.

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