Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season One

Hakuno finds himself in a strange world with no recollection of his past. It appears to be a school, but things appear to be off. A countdown begins. His friend stabs in him in the back and leaves him for dead. He wakes sometime later and is pursued by a dark avatar.

He stumbles across an ornate theatre where he finds a sword. When he touches the sword, a heroic spirit appears and makes a pack with him. She defeats the avatar and together they progress to the next level.

The heroic spirit, Saber, brings Hakuno up to speed. It would appear that he has found himself in a digital version of the Holy Grail War. In order to win the grail he must defeat the guardians and move through the levels, but not everything is quite as it seems.

So, I got quite excited when this popped up on my Netflix feed. I enjoyed Fate/Stay Night, loved Fate/Zero, and was a little indifferent with Fate/Apocrypha. There’s a wide spectrum of appreciation and I was hoping for another Fate/Zero.

Sadly, that is not what I got. There are some interesting ideas and concepts, but this series just tries to be a little too cerebral. The Nursery Rhyme level was utterly boring. Things just went around and around and around.

Another of my big issues with the other Fate series is the number of overblown monologues. It doesn’t feel natural to have these characters talking non-stop. The conversations are kind of one-sided and don’t get me started on the lengthy internal monologues.

The highlights were Saber. She was a fun character. Her backstory is tragic and based on real-life events. It was odd that they decided that Nero had to look almost identical to Artoria from the other series. Also, you’ll probably want to watch out for Saber’s butt cleavage. Definitely a bold wardrobe choice for a Roman Emperor. It was also great to see Rin Tohsaka back. I like the concept for this series but feel like the delivery could have been stronger.

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