Fall Anime 2018 – First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

I first got into watching the seasonal anime thanks to the latest season of High School DxD. Normally, I would wait until the season had finished so I could binge it. Like watching Game of Thrones, I was determined not to have the season spoiled for me, so I dived in.

It would appear that I caught the bug and soon found myself tuning in to watch another nine series. As the season went on, I felt like something wasn’t quite right for me. Then life got in the way and showed me what the issue was. There were several weeks where I didn’t manage to keep up with my shows and ended up watching the last four episodes of each series in a row.

That’s when the light bulb went off. I’m a binge watcher, so naturally, I need to binge the shows. I also want to keep up with the blogging sphere and not catch too many spoilers, so I decided I would watch each of the shows in blocks of four. After each block, I would have a better idea of the show and whether I was going to continue it.

As of now, I have finished my first round and am waiting for the next batch of episodes to release. It would appear that this would be a perfect opportunity to recap the shows so far. I don’t like to give a rating to shows because it’s all subjective. To combat this, I am putting the shows in tiers.

Must Watch

I’m Loving It

Keep on Keepin on

If I have Time


  • [Intentionally blank!]

I’ve not dropped anything yet, but there were a couple that could have gone had I not been watching the first four episodes. It’s going to be interesting to see if anyone changes tier after the next round. Bring me more!


  1. I started season watching the same reason as you. Hehe.

  2. I’m also liking the sports anime this season. I dropped Radiant pretty fast.

    • I’m still not too sure about Radiant, it’ll probably end up being a waste of my time, but I’m giving it a second chance.

      Yeah, sports anime has never really been my thing, but I really enjoyed Harukana Receive last season and getting into Hinomaro Sumo too. The action in Hanebado was awesome, but the story really annoyed me.

  3. […] putting the shows into tiers rather than ranking them, but there has been some movement from my First Impressions, so that should make things […]

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