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Marlya searches for her long lost friend in a world trying to recover from the devastating effects of a unification war. Soldiers bonded with fairies ultimately tipped the balance, but now they have no place.

What did you watch?

Better late than never, right? I’ll let you decide! About three months ago I finished watching season one of Fairy Gone. I don’t normally wait this long to write a series review, but I got so caught up in writing episode reviews that this one slipped from my memory, much like the series itself. That might not bode well for the review, but don’t worry it’s all back at the front of my mind now. I’ll make no secret, I didn’t exactly enjoy this series, so this may end up reading like therapy. Anyhow, after that big build-up, let’s get into it. There will be spoilers.

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Marlya Surprised

What happened?

Marlya’s village was destroyed during the unification war and she only survived thanks to her friend, Veronica, but soon after they split and she’s not seen her since. Many years later, Marlya is still searching for Veronica. She’s become a member of an organized crime group and finds herself as security for an illegal fairy auction. Surprisingly, Veronica crashed the auction and stole the prize lot, an extract from the Black Fairy Tome. In the incident, Marlya meets Free Underman, an undercover agent for a department that specializes in illegal fairy activity. She manages to bond with a fairy primordial, a rare event and ends up having to join Free’s team.

In her new role in Dorothea, Marlya helps the team stop illegal artificial fairy soldier trades and track down the Black Fairy Tome, a rare document that covers the illegal use of fairies. She hopes that it will also lead her to Veronica, but before long they find themselves in the middle of a series of political moves by Dukes, revolutionaries, and soldiers that couldn’t put down their weapons when the war ended.

Fairy Gone Episode 4 Veronica To The Rescue

What did you think?

This series was a mess. The main premise was resolved in the first episode when Marlya bumped into Veronica. Yes, Veronica told her she didn’t want to be found and then appeared later, but this was just the start of the meandering plot. If there even was a plot. Each episode began with a series of short flashbacks, often no more than ten seconds long, with various people and organisation, many of whom we were seeing for the first time. There was no context and no connections. It was like a garbled history lecture where you need to take notes to be able to untangle it to understand it. The action was probably the best part, but that often was too dark or the camera too close to be able to see much of it. I kept watching hoping that it would get better, but the end of season one was just as baffling.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Nein Auler Fairy Knight

What was your favourite moment?

The best parts were when Bitter Sweet was involved. She was the only character that appeared to have a defined goal and that was to see all of the parts of the Black Fairy Tome. We didn’t know what she wanted with it, but there was a flashback scene at the end of one epiosde… I know, flashbacks everywhere… that showed the destroyed remains of a city which seemed like a warning on the potential of the research in the Black Fairy Tome. Then, about halfway through the season, they just forgot all about Bitter and the Black Fairy Tome to introduce the Fairy Weapons and the Fairy Knights.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Bitter Sweet

What was your least favourite moment?

There were a lot of completely pointless scenes. I can only assume that they were attempts to develop the characters and their relationships, but everyone just felt flat and boring. The most notable was a bar scene that took up half an episode and I still don’t remember most of the people in that scene. There were also loads of tiny cut scenes where we would see someone new or old in some different location. These scenes usually lasted less than ten seconds and once more left us with no context or idea of the purpose of them. It’s almost as if they were trying to squeeze too much story in, although they could have probably done a better job if they hadn’t focused on all the weird development scenes.

Fairy Gone Episode 5 Veronica

Who was your favourite character?

I guess it goes without saying, but it’s Bitter Sweet and they dropped her for most of the series. As I said before, she has a goal and a plan to see it through. She’s prepared to work with whoever she needs to to get it done. In a series where everyone seems to drift around doing nothing and getting nowhere, it was great to see someone accomplish something. The only problem is we don’t know what her end goal is. I’m guessing it’s pretty bad, but it’s the only thing in the series that I want to know more about.

Fairy Gone Episode 8 Bitter Sweet

Who was your least favourite character?

I feel like I want to name everyone that isn’t called Bitter Sweet here. Marlya was just such an uninspiring protagonist. She was always blaming herself and saw everything as her fault. Similarly, Free was just brooding and miserable the whole time, which is possibly fair, but the two of them together never really developed any chemistry, even as friends or colleagues. Then, there was Beevee Liscar who was a complete joke of a villain, walking towards a row of people shooting at him as if he was invincible, grinning and laughing. They should have just given him a moustache to twirl or at the very least have him lick his lips in a crazed manner.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Beevee Liscar Attacks

Would you like some more?

I made the declaration that I would not be covering the second half which will be starting shortly. I just can’t write a weekly review about a series that has been totally uninspiring. It’s not my goal to bash and criticise shows. I watch them so as to enjoy myself and learn more about story creation. There is a chance that I will watch them once the season is over and I can see if Bitter’s story ever gets resolved, but there’s just as much chance that I won’t. We’ll have to wait and see.

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Nein Auler

What have you learnt?

One of the pluses from watching a show that does things wrong is that you can learn a lot from them. Just as we learn from making mistakes, so too can we learn from others mistakes. I think the biggest issue for me in this series was the lack of any clear direction. Now, that doesn’t mean that we need to know exactly what the end goal is, but there needs to be something that drives the characters.

Had Marlya not found Veronica so soon, that could have sustained her for most of the series and everything else happening around her wouldn’t have been such a jumbled mess, because we would have a clear path for her. Then as events unfolded it can change and adjust the path, but as it was each path was short and disjointed with often no clear way to get from one to the other.

Fairy Gone Episode 3 Free Underman Bitter Sweet Black Fairy Tome

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  1. I’m with you in that I won’t be covering the second part of this series. The first part was just painful to watch as there are ideas there that could have been interesting and yet they managed to deliver what they had in a really boring manner and none of the characters ever feel like they are actually interesting people outside of the first couple of episodes where you think maybe they’ll go somewhere. Then they just don’t.

    • Agreed. Everytime it felt like something was going to change or get interesting they managed to extinguish the excitement. Had the characters been remotely interesting, it may have been different, but to get story, pacing, and characters wrong is quite the achievement.

    • Absolutely. But as you mentioned it is a good study in how not to tell a story.

  2. Just watched episode 13.

    Bitter Sweet was not present.

    I’m going to cover it, but as one of my Best in Show posts. I think you made absolutely valid points throughout your post, but even still, I found I have a soft spot for the show. I could always find at least one moment was was enjoyable!

    I’ll be bummed not to be able to link to your reviews every week! There were precious few reviewers watching the show as it was!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      No Bitter Sweet! Did they not read my review…

      I just can’t bring myself to review it weekly this time around. I really don’t want to become bitter and twisted. I am glad that others are enjoying it even if I didn’t.

      And thanks for linking to my reviews in season one. They’re weren’t many of us so it was good to stick together.

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