Fairy Gone (Episode 9) – Rolling Stones and Seven Knights

Fairy Gone Title

Following Schwartz Diese’s bravery during the assassination attempt of the Prime Minister, he is to be rewarded with a Fairy Weapon and Dorothea is tasked with transporting it to his home.

What did you watch?

After eight weeks of slow build up, sitting around in bars, and falling asleep at work, something is finally starting to happen and it’s only episode 9 of Fairy Gone. It was by no means perfect, but it was a massive relief to actually enjoy an episode. I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to make me want to return for the second half of the season, but it was a step in the right direction.

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Marlya Surprised

What happened?

So, after the failed assassination of the Prime Minister, in which Schwartz Diese ‘put his life on the line’ like a true hero, he was to be rewarded with whatever he wanted… All Schwartz wants is a Fairy Weapon, a weapon that can inflict massive harm to fairies. There are seven in total and were assigned to the Seven Knights. The Fairy Ministry has four of them, Ray Dawn has one, and Nein Auler had another. The seventh belongs to the Knight who fought to the bitter end. He killed Jet in one of Free’s flashbacks earlier in the season.

Well, it would appear that absolutely no one can be trusted. Wolfran shows up and appears to be working for everyone. Schwartz was waiting for the train transporting his new Fairy Weapon back home to be ambushed and somehow Ray Dawn is also involved. Of course, it was Beevee Liscar the seventh Knight with the missing Fairy Weapon that attacked the train. Excitement!

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Liscar's Fairy Attacks Train

What did you think?

This episode was easily the best yet. They kept the flashbacks to an appropriate level and at an appropriate time, so that was good. We did bounce around a bunch of different locations and people at the beginning but it also wasn’t as bad as usual. There was lots of action, including a fairy charging into a train. Sure, we’ve seen Beevee Liscar briefly before, but the whole seven Fairy Weapons seems to have appeared out of nowhere. I thought the Black Fairy Tome was the thing everyone was after, but we’ve been duped… or have we? Who knows?

What was your favourite moment?

That was when Ozz charged in on Liscar like a man possessed with his rhino/goat fairy and handguns with blades on the handles. It was awesome. He’s the quiet bald guy that drinks a lot but always seems to have a smile on his face. Well, not anymore. We finally had a character with a bit of drive and grit… and he’s dead!

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Liscar Defeats Ozz's Fairy

What was your least favourite moment?

I still feel like Marlya is massively unprepared for active duty. It’s as if they gave her a uniform and pointed her outside, saying go get the bad guys. We’re not seeing any development of her as a fighter or even how she uses her fairy. It just seems to be the same old Marlya week in week out. Someone give the girl a training montage!

Who was your favourite character?

Rest in peace, Ozz. You burst into the episode like a demon with a monster for a fairy, taking on the biggest baddest guy in the room without hesitation and then when a colleague was in trouble you scooped her up and ran, not stopping as the bullets rained down on you. Where have they been hiding this guy?

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Ozz Saves Marlya

Who was your least favourite character?

It pains me to say it, but Free was utterly useless in this episode. He seemed completely outmatched by Liscar. It probably didn’t help that Liscar had a massive final fantasy style sword as his Fairy Weapon and Free was using a tiny shield and dagger Fairy Weapon. Either way, it was embarrassingly easy for Liscar to win.

Would you like some more?

It feels like the story may be starting to move towards something, possibly war, but it also feels like we’re a long way from that point. I also want to mention the names again, specifically the two remaining Dukes – Ray Dawn and Schwartz Diese or is it Light and Dark? I hope it’s not as obvious as that, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. While this episode was finally one that I was able to enjoy, there’s still a long way to go before the series wins me over.

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Beevee Liscar Attacks

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  1. I wonder if Free was still groggy from the crash? Because we’ve seen him fight better than this. His charge was completely off balance!

    You’re right about Mariya. And now there are serious consequences. I hope the show does something with that. Based on the preview, they might!

    It was nice to see the show seeming to hit some kind of stride!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      It’s possible and I also think Liscar has a bit of a hold over him after killing Jet right in front of him. When he said that he had one of the Fairy Weapons, but it was only for him to watch over, you could tell he didn’t feel worthy of it.

      I thought that as well, especially when she said she didn’t want anyone else to die because she wasn’t strong enough. Crazy that it’s taken this long, but hopefully they will finally correct it.

      Definitely. We’re not watching it because we want it to fail, if anything it’s quite the opposite, so it was nice to feel like it’s moving in the right direction. I just feel like we could have got to this point 6 or 7 episodes ago if they’d been a bit tighter.

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