Fairy Gone (Episode 8) – Pipe Blowing in Stage Wing

Fairy Gone Title

Marlya and Free recover the mysterious Black Four from Gilbert Warlock’s manor, but Bitter Sweet got there first and made her escape. Now to deal with the malfunctioning artificial fairy soldiers.

What did you watch?

This was episode 8 of Fairy Gone. I discovered after last week’s episode that they have decided to split this season with the second half airing in the Autumn schedule. On one hand, that means I’ll get a break from it, however, it also means that they have got to really pull out all the stops or I’m going to struggle to justify coming back to this whether they call it season two or not.

What happened?

At the end of episode 7, Dorothea had entered into a deal with Bitter Sweet in an attempt to recover the Black Four, presumably a part of the Black Fairy Tome. Well, Bitter has just offered Marlya and Klara as a present in exchange for letting her see it. Instead, Gilbert seems rather annoyed that Bitter would bring Dorothea agents into his house. A brief shootout occurs where Bitter uses her fairy to send the injuries back to the shooters and Marlya uses hers to grab Gilbert.

Surprisingly, Bitter double-crosses everyone and runs off down a secret passage. By the time Free and Marlya have found the Black Four, Bitter is long gone. With that excitement over with, we can get back to the artificial fairy soldiers. The head mechanic is arrested, suspected of tampering with the artificial fairy soldiers and the place where a device had been attached was confirmed, forcing the ministry to use the old models for the ceremony!

Fairy Gone Episode 8 Serge And Free Relaxing

What did you think?

The pacing in this series is completely off. Both of the parts that should have been packed with tension and the threat of something serious happening were over in seconds and at no point did it ever feel like anyone was in danger. Then, we’ve got plenty of time for the Dorothea agents to sit around the office, fall asleep, and enjoy a loaf of bread… I just can’t get over what a mess this show is.

What was your favourite moment?

So, it turns out the inventor of the artificial fairy soldiers, who we’ve only seen in a photo, had a son… On top of that, the son was working with the head mechanic and tampered with the new models. He did this so that they would be forced to use the old models that had a top-secret override function… kind of like what he did to the new models. All of this seems rather pointless, and it was, but for one brief shining moment, I thought something interesting was going to happen.

Fairy Gone Episode 8 Assassination Attempt

What was your least favourite moment?

And then it was over! Roger had worked it all out and came speeding to the ceremony where he asked Nien for permission to arrest Ted, the son of the inventor. She, of course, said yes and the hunt was on. The Dorothea agents ran to where he had been, but he wasn’t there. Luckily, he was just a little bit further away and was preoccupied with his revenge speech to actually complete his mission. Yawn!

Who was your favourite character?

It’s still Bitter Sweet. Once more she’s the only person who seems to be actively trying to do whatever it is she’s doing. Unfortunately, she was only in it for the first couple of minutes and then it was back to the usual, poorly paced and inconsequential storytelling. At no point has it ever felt like anyone was in any real danger.

Fairy Gone Episode 8 Bitter Sweet

Who was your least favourite character?

I’ll give it to Ted for this episode. He had the chance to make something interesting happen and he blew it. I’m also fairly curious how the flutes are able to control the artificial soldiers. Does it link the consciousness of the artificial soldier with the controller? If not, what tune do you have to play to say stab that guy over there? It all seems fairly complicated and implausible.

Would you like some more?

Just four more episodes until we get a break. Four more. I can’t wait. That said, I really do hope that something epic happens that helps me forget about the lacklustre story so far. It could even just be something like making one of the central characters interesting enough that I care what happens to them because so far, they are all kind of meh!

Fairy Gone Episode 8 Marlya Good Work

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  2. “but for one brief shining moment, I thought something interesting was going to happen.”

    It was close there for a second!

    Have you ever had to tune a car engine? Like the old way, when they had points and condensers? I was never very good at it, but my dad was. This show reminds me of a V8 whose timing is too far ahead; or maybe too far behind. All of parts are there, but they aren’t in sync!

    At last this episode was better than last week’s. Maybe it’s a trend!

    • I think you’re right. It’s all there but it’s either not running at the right speed or isn’t being enough attention. I think that’s part of what makes it so frustrating. It just needs a overhaul. Take it pieces, polish the right bits, and put it all back together again. Maybe that’s the plan for the break.

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