Fairy Gone (Episode 7) – Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit

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After more artificial fairy soldiers malfunction, Dorothea director, Nein Auler gets dragged from meeting to meeting and we get to watch!

What did you watch?

As usual, I get to finish my weeks’ seasonal viewing with Fairy Gone. This was episode 7 and after the epic episode of Demon Slayer yesterday, it was always going to be tough to follow. It’s probably for the best that it didn’t even try.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Nein Auler Looking Bored

What happened?

A couple more new model artificial fairy soldiers malfunctioned, resulting in the Ministry of Fairies calling for them to be held out of the ten-year anniversary celebrations. Obviously, the military is against the idea. Dorothea director, Nein Auler get to sit in on all of these meetings as everyone tries to persuade her to back their cause.

Meanwhile, Bitter Sweet arrived at Gilbert Warlock’s manor and asks to see the Black Four. At this point, we can only assume that it’s part of the elusive Black Fairy Tome. Gilbert refuses and asks her to leave, prompting Bitter to seek help from Dorothea. She’s willing to give them the document in exchange for her reading it first.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Bitter Sweet Marlya Klara

What did you think?

And now this show is turning into some sort of political thriller, but without much in the way of thrills, even if you include the girls’ dresses. There were lots of little developments, some may go somewhere, others, I really couldn’t care. This show is taking too long to move forward, especially as it’s not done enough to make me care.

The only hope was the flashback after the end credits which showed a young Bitter Sweet driving through a desert when he father points out some ruins and says that once that was a thriving city and the centre of the world. Could something on an apocalyptic scale happen? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Marlya Serge Sitting Around Waiting for the Story to Start

What was your favourite moment?

I honestly can’t think of a single moment that I would rank above the others. Possibly Bitter’s flashback or the cloaked figure that Wolfram was talking to who could be a spy, although it could also have been Veronica. Who knows?

What was your least favourite moment?

Apart from all the dull meetings and standing around. I want to single out the music in this episode. It reminded me of elevator music, lulling everyone to stand upright and stare straight ahead. This episode really makes me wonder what I’m doing watching this series. I’ve had my doubts for a while now, but this was so boring.

Who was your favourite character?

That would be Bitter Sweet just because she seems to be the only person that has a plan. We don’t know about the Dukes yet, although they don’t seem to get along and are clearly up to something. Bitter, however, is actively pursuing her goals which is a novelty in this show.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Bitter Sweet

Who was your least favourite character?

That could be anyone else in this episode. Stuff happened and people did things, but it was all set up and not terribly exciting. I really hope that something big is going to happen soon. Something that will make everyone get off their butts.

Would you like some more?

Honestly, no, but I am committed to finishing this series. Who knows whether I will be bitter or sweet as a result, but only time will tell. I feel like there’s got to be something to the show. It really can’t keep plodding along at this rate.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Marlya Klara All Dressed Up

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  1. Episode 7 and still slacking ! When does it intend to pick itself up. So disappointing, but more or less expected.

    • I’ve just discovered that the season is going to be split with the second half in the Fall lineup. They better do something special before then or no one is coming back. I think this was the worst one yet. There was probably more details revealed than usual, but it was all around dull.

  2. “I honestly can’t think of a single moment that I would rank above the others. ”

    I was able to think of three, but to be honest, it took me longer than any other episode before it. Of any series.

    I still have faith that there’s a good story in here! I have to wonder if they’re delaying the second cour to polish? Or maybe it’s just a scheduling thing…

    • Yeah, maybe they’re going to rework it, but it’ll all be for nothing if they don’t do enough to make us come back. Hoping that scene after the end credits is foreshadowing a potential disaster.

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