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As the unified country prepares for the ten year anniversary of the war, security has been boosted by the new artificial fairy soldiers. They’re untested, but that should be fine, right?

What did you watch?

I’m still here and still watching Fairy Gone. So far, I’ve watched countless other reviewers kick this one to the curb. Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions, but I’ve started so I’ll finish. Damn this stubborn streak. That said, if it keeps up, I could end up as the official reviewer for the series. I’m yet to decide whether that’s a good thing or not!

What happened?

We start the episode with a brief history lesson. It turns out at the end of the war, the ruler of the opposition was made Prime minister and seven noted war heroes were given territories and made into Dukes. Well, of the seven dukes on two remain, the others turned into traitors and were killed in battle or executed. Imagine finding out all that over a morning beer! Well, Marlya did, evidently still at the tavern from the end of the last episode.

Later, as they prepare for the tenth anniversary of the end of the war, Free and Marlya patrol the streets looking for fairy related trouble. They pass a couple of the new models of artificial fairy soldier that are to be used in to maintain security, but then one goes off on its own, threatening to attack a woman and a child. Free and Marlya intervene and are later told of a new sighting of the Black Fairy Tome. Turns out the last one they got was a fake. Marlya and Klara are assigned to retrieve this one.

Fairy Gone Episode 6 Klara And Marlya

What did you think?

I think we’re finally starting to get an idea of what the overarching story is, although at this stage it’s still guesswork. It looks like we’re going to have a bit of an iRobot style takeover with the new artificial fairy soldiers being controlled by someone other than who was intended to. It also looks like the remaining two dukes could either be in it together or end up as opponents seeking to take total control.

What was your favourite moment?

I really enjoy the style of the architecture and cities in Fairy Gone. They have a distinctly European style to them with a mix of the Industrial Revolution and the Romanticism Movement. Also, the scene where Marlya and Klara went to see the informant about the latest Black Fairy Tome was pretty cool. I don’t know when Marlya became a martial arts bad-ass, but I can get on board.

Fairy Gone Episode 6 Marlya Attacks

What was your least favourite moment?

In the absence of the flashback montage (I am so glad we didn’t get another one of those, although the history lecture was another exposition dump), there were two moments that really stood out to me.

Firstly, when the new artificial fairy soldier went haywire Marlya ran to protect the woman and child, but instead of doing anything useful like attacking the artificial fairy soldier, she hugged them and put herself between them. Luckily, Free ran over and yelled at the controller to activate the others with his penny whistle… I’m sorry, but that whole scene was too weird.

Next, is when Marlya and Klara are searching for Dice (not because they wanted to play a board game, Dice is a person, keep up) they lost him thanks to his skills of deception. He pulled a Clark Kent on them by putting a flat cap on, rendering himself completely invisible.

Fairy Gone Episode 6 Dice
Fairy Gone Episode 6 No Dice
No Dice!

Who was your favourite character?

Bitter Sweet almost managed to make the train ride interesting if not for the slowpoke at the ticket office. Frustrated she slammed her coins down on the counter. She rushed to the platform only for the guards to stop her. Clearly annoyed she threw her ticket at them, but they calmed pointed out that the train was already leaving. Better luck next time, Sweetie!

Who was your least favourite character?

I’m finding Serge to be a little annoying, especially after the party at the end of the last episode. He seemed to keep it up in the few brief moments he was in this episode. Maybe, it’s just because he’s quite noticeable with hie Einstein hairstyle, but he’s definitely standing out as kind of annoying.

Would you like some more?

I said I’m in it until the end and I mean it. Hopefully, we’ll start to move things along soon and kick off the whole evil artificial fairy soldiers attacking everyone, because what this series really needs is a war with lots of action. If nothing else, it would certainly give everyone a bit of purpose, because it’s still feeling like a police procedural, which would be fine, but that’s not what I was expecting.

Fairy Gone Episode 6 Bitter Sweet

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  1. This episode almost seemed to start turning things around. Sure, it has the two moments you mentioned as your least favorite (I was wondering why the woman and child didn’t, I don’t know, run or something and how Dice managed to become invisible by swapping his tie for a hat). Otherwise, though, I loved the teamwork between Mariya and Klara. Also saw hints of a coherent plot!

    Keeping my fingers crossed — it’s a two cour series, after all.

    • Yeah, it definitely seems to be building to something. Surprisingly no fairies either this week.
      That fairy soldier moved so slowly, they could have easily ran away and yeah, Dice sitting a seat away from them in his uber disguise was both funny and ridiculous.
      If they had opened the series with a new model malfunctioning and then the authority trying to keep it under wraps as Free and Marlya tried to get to the bottom of things it would have been far superior. They could have kept everything else and it would still have worked.

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