Fairy Gone (Episode 3) – Greedy Fox and Lying Crow

Fairy Gone Title

Free and Marlya are sent to recover the mysterious Black Fairy Tome, which has recently emerged, but everyone wants to get their hands on it.

What did you watch?

And that’s week three of the Spring 2019 schedule done for me. Somehow, I’ve still managed to not start any other shows and it’s quite liberating and once I’ve finished all of the Winter 2019 shows, I’m going to be hitting my ever-growing to-watch list. I’ve got some fun titles lined up. Anyhow, let’s talk about Fairy gone. I’m still not sure why gone isn’t capitalized, but whatever.

What happened?

As usual, we started with a little bit of a history lesson. In which, we discover that there had been over three-hundred Fairy Soldiers at the start of the war and now only seventeen remains. We see Wolfran return to his home and discover that his wife and child didn’t make it, but I think we kind of got that from the last episode…

Free and Marlya are summoned to the Ministry of Fairies. There they are informed that the missing Black Fairy Tome has been discovered and they are to go and recover it. Few have seen it, but it is believed to have details about direct human-fairy possession. When they get there, they discover that they’re not the only ones interested in it.

Fairy Gone Episode 3 Free Underman

What did you think?

This was the first episode where I was genuinely surprised when the credits began. Hopefully, the next episode will pick up straight away because I needed to keep going. It’s odd, because not that much happened, but I guess it did leave us with a cliffhanger. The introduction of more information about the fairies was long overdue and really helped to beef up the world-building. I’m glad that this series seems to be getting better as it goes, as I was a little worried after the first episode.

What was your favourite moment?

That would be Bitter Sweet running after the thief who had just stolen the Black Fairy Tome. Honestly, the names in this series are just absurd, but it’s surprisingly not bothering me. It helps that Bitter Sweet was a suit-wearing kick-ass woman with a sword. Ah, Fairy Gone, you know me too well!

Fairy Gone Episode 3 Bitter Sweet Rooftop Pursuit

What was your least favourite moment?

Once again, it was the flashback history lesson at the start of the episode. I feel like this is fairly lazy writing. It’s almost akin to having a prologue before every episode. Can’t you at least try to weave it into the story, otherwise it feels more like a documentary? It felt like overkill showing us Wolfran going home. We knew his family had died in the war, we knew he’d be pretty upset, and that’s what sent him down the path he chose.

Who was your favourite character?

You guessed it. It was Bitter Sweet. Of course, it was. She has a sword and runs across rooftops in heels. They’re not high-heels, so it’s not totally crazy, but I probably wouldn’t have a problem with that either. Anyhow, she was fun yet dark and mysterious character that will be around for at least another episode, so there’s that to look forward to.

Fairy Gone Episode 3 Bitter Sweet

Who was your least favourite character?

That would be Fairy Scholar: Cain Distarol’s companion Damien. He’s the one that looked like he could have been in the Bee Gees. Something felt off about him from the start so it was no surprise to see him hanging out with Veronica on the rooftops. And of course, she told him that Marlya might have been possessed by a fairy, so that puts her in big trouble. Damn it, Damien.

Would you like some more?

I really enjoyed the chase scene and how they’re using the fairies for more than just fighters. That has definitely made it more interesting. Obviously, it started last week with the sniper-fairy and surveillance fairy so it was good to see that continued. It wasn’t as action-packed at the first two episodes, but I feel like we’re starting to see the beginning of the actual story. The goal is fairy possession, which puts Marlya in a very dangerous position. It’s about to get interesting.

Fairy Gone Episode 3 Free Underman Bitter Sweet Black Fairy Tome

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  1. “He’s the one that looked like he could have been in the Bee Gees. ”

    Wow! Talk about can’t unsee!

    Now I won’t be able to look at him without hearing “Stayin’ Alive” in the background!

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