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Fairy Gone Title

Marlya has been accepted into Dorothea and had her fairy possession hidden by the boss. However, there’s no time to rest as Marlya and Free go to investigate an illegal artificial fairy deal.

What did you watch?

All right, we’re already two weeks into the new season of anime and so far so good. This was the third of the three shows that I decided to watch this time around. If you’re interested, I’m also reviewing Fruits Basket and Demon Slayer: Kimetso no Yaiba. Well, that should be enough to keep any spoilers from reaching those that don’t want them, so let’s get on with this review.

What happened?

The episode opened with a couple of flashbacks showing brief glimpses into Free and Marlya’s pasts. One was lucky, the other unlucky, but neither seemed to have a very good time of it. With that out of the way, Free reports on the event in episode one, including details on Veronica and Marlya. His boss rips up the report and asks him to resubmit, omitting the details about Marlya’s fairy possession.

A quick trip to the firing ranges shows us that Maryla doesn’t just carry around the rifle for show. Now that everyone is happy she’s onboard, Free takes Marlya on a mission. Someone is selling artificial fairy soldiers. They need to find out who the buyer is and stop the trade, but it’s never that easy. Free’s old compatriot from the war, Wolfran is running the deal and he’s not about to give up without a fight.

Fairy Gone Episode 2 Wolfran Fairy Attack

What did you think?

I enjoyed this episode far more than the first one. Admittedly, we still had the little montage of flashbacks at the beginning which is kind of annoying, but the CGI for the fairies was more integrated with the standard animation. It made the whole process far less jarring, allowing you to really enjoy the fight scenes. Also, the music for the fight scenes has been excellent.

What was your favourite moment?

That would be the fight obviously. Wolfran managed to slip away from Free and Marlya for long enough to make his way to the tower, where Free’s colleagues were keeping an eye on the trade. Before he could get close enough to doing anything, Free unleashed his fairy and was then attacked by Wolfran’s fairy. So, this time we had human versus fairy times two and it was excellent. Of course, Marlya’s fairy had to get involved too. Good times!

Fairy Gone Episode 2 Free Underman and Fairy versus Artificial Fairies

What was your least favourite moment?

I’m still not loving the flashback montages. It feels like a lazy way to deal with character development. Here’s this character and here’s a bunch of things that happened to them over a period of time. See, life is hard and they’ve had to struggle. It really diminishes the effects of seeing just how hard their lives may have been.

Who was your favourite character?

Free took this one. He showed us just how experienced he is at fighting with and against fairies. Not to mention the battle with the artificial fairy soldiers. He never really got to have that big showdown with Wolfran, so no doubt we’ll get a scene further along with Wolfran and Veronica.

Fairy Gone Episode 2 Free Underman

Who was your least favourite character?

Marlya is showing signs of improving and she’s obviously incredibly inexperienced with her fairy, although I’m kind of surprised that Free hasn’t taken the time to fill her in on how it works. I’m sure once Maryla’s had some proper training we’ll get to see her true potential.

Would you like some more?

I think this was a big improvement on the first episode, especially with how much smoother the CGI fairies integrated with the standard animation. There is still a lot of setting up going on and world-building, but very little on what the actual story is. At the moment, it’s looking like a high-action police procedural in a world with fairies. It would help if we had a little sight of what the overall story is about. Also, I’d like more fights too.

Fairy Gone Episode 2 Marlya and Fairy Fighting Wolfran's Fairy

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  1. I definitely agree with the last part. This anime is playing with my patience. Although the fights and some moments did stand out in this episode especially compared to the first, it still has a long way to go to even out the disappointments.

    • Agreed. It’s moving in the right direction so hopefully we’ll get an idea of what the stakes are soon. They have just revealed that it’s going to be a 24 episode season though. I hope they’re not just dragging it out and have an actual plan.

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