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Schwartz Diese is making his move on the Emperor while Liscar distracts the military. Free and Marlya rush to stop Liscar’s rampage, but is either of them a match for a Knight.

What did you watch?

I did it! I made it to the end of the first season of Fairy Gone. So, this was episode 12 and it does end with a to be continued, but does that mean I will be back? I don’t want to spoil the post with such details right here, you’ll have to read on the find out. Also, expect spoilers from here on.

Fairy Gone Episode 12 Artificial Fairy Soldiers

What happened?

At the end of episode 11, Beevee Liscar and his soldiers had stormed the Emperor’s palace, smashing through the impenetrable gate… All they seemed to want to do however, was run around and cause chaos. Quite clearly there are meant as a diversion. Secretly, Schwartz Diese is making his way to the throne room to remove the Emperor from power.

Dorothea rushed into the palace after Liscar. Marlya and Free seeming particularly determined to make him pay for Ozz’s death. They managed to catch up with them thanks to the Minister of Military. Then the Prime Minister showed up with reinforcements. The battle rages on as Schwartz Diese gets ever closer to completing his objective.

Fairy Gone Episode 12 Marlya

What did you think?

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally put my finger on one of the main issues I’ve had with this series. Sure, the story has been a garbled mess and the characters have been flat and hard to identify with, but even with all that, the action should be enjoyable. Only it hasn’t really been.

Fairy Gone suffers from the same issue I had with Pacific Rim (I loved that movie, but it wasn’t perfect. Let’s be honest.) The camera is always too close to the action. It gets in the way of the choreographed fights and thanks to the dark colour of the fairies, there are almost impossible to see. Just pan out a little bit and show us the fight. At least give us that much.

What was your favourite moment?

Ironically after all that, my favourite moment was the fight between Free and Liscar. Sure, Liscar stood around and made maniacal grins and seemed to be getting his jollies on from getting cut and shot, but at least something was happening for a change. Free finally seemed to develop a bit of confidence and pushed ahead. Thanks, flashback Jet for giving Free the push he needed.

Fairy Gone Episode 12 Free

What was your least favourite moment?

In typical Fairy Gone fashion, the battle ended and Dorothea won… but did they? It once again felt like nothing really moved forward except for Ray Dawn taking care of Schwartz Diese. I just seem to come out of these episodes thoroughly unsatisfied. There just doesn’t seem to be any real threat or consequences. It never felt like the Emperor would be killed or that Dorothea would lose. Even worse that Liscar just decided to walk out when he was done.

Who was your favourite character?

The introduction of Jedi Knight Ray Dawn was a welcome sight. It would have been better if we could have seen him actual fight Schwartz Diese instead of watching Liscar walk away from the fight and possibly kill or capture the Prime Minister. Still light triumphed over darkness…

Fairy Gone Episode 12 Jedi Ray Dawn

Who was your least favourite character?

Oh, this was easy. That was Beevee Liscar. He was too much of the cartoon villain in this one. Laughing and grinning as he ran around killing soldiers. Even getting excited when Free cut him. Once again we’ve got another boring character.

Fairy Gone Episode 12 Serge

Would you like some more?

I’ll be honest, I was expecting there to be some massive cliffhanger to entice us into the second part, but there wasn’t. There are plenty of loose ends to be tied up, although I don’t think any are significant enough that I’m going to lose sleep if I don’t find out what happens in the end. Sadly, with twelve episodes they’ve not made me care about the characters or even the world in which it takes place. It’s impossible to care about the plot, either, as it’s so convoluted. In short, no I will not be watching anymore. I wanted it to succeed. I kept hoping it would turn the corner and do something amazing, but it has failed over and over again.

Fairy Gone Episode 12 Ray Dawn Wins

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  1. “The camera is always too close to the action. It gets in the way of the choreographed fights and thanks to the dark colour of the fairies, there are almost impossible to see. ”

    If you heard a SMACK, that was me hitting my forehead. I was constantly frustrated trying to get good screen caps, and you just explained why.

    I’m still frustrated with the show, but now I know another reason why. That’s progress!

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