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War has finally broken out as Schwartz Diese’s territory arrests the Ambassador to the Emperor. If that wasn’t enough, they appear to be launching a full-scale assault on the Capital!

What did you watch?

So this was episode 11 of Fairy Gone. That’s right, just one episode left before the series takes a much-needed break to see if there’s any point in continuing. In this episode, we finally started to see things come together. The result was the beginning of all-out war, the action scenes, however… well, I’ll get to those in a minute. Spoilers will follow, you have been warned.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Beevee Liscar Attacks

What happened?

Schwartz Diese’s army stormed the embassy and arrested the Ambassador in a clear sign of war. News travelled to the Capital where the Prime Minister demanded immediate retaliation. Unfortunately, all the old Fairy Soldiers were compromised and there aren’t many new ones in service following the malfunctioning incident. Nein Auler is asked to accompany the forces and given permission to use her Fairy Weapon.

Free, Marlya, Klara, and Serge return from visiting Ray Dawn to discover that all of Dorothea has gone to war, leaving Free to deliver Ray Dawn’s letter to the Prime Minister. Then, just as we’re about to find out what he said, the Capital is attacked, more specifically the Emperor’s palace.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Free Underman Fairy Weapon

What did you think?

This episode was fun. It was an absolute hot mess, but at least it was fun. Some of the previous episodes have been spent foreshadowing events that happened here and there was a moment in this episode where they tried to justify why Serge is falling asleep and it wasn’t because the other episodes were boring… it was, stop trying too hard!

What was your favourite moment?

It was great to see Nein Auler really let loose with her Fairy Weapon which resembled Ivy’s sword for Soul Calibur. I’m sure it’s not the greatest sword design, but it at least made her fights look cool. I was also surprised to see her run up the city wall. Again, it looked cool, but where the hell did that come from. Suddenly, a bunch of characters have developed superhuman abilities.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Nein Auler Fairy Knight

What was your least favourite moment?

This is another of the superhuman abilities. Beevee Liscar appears to be able to deflect bullets. That can be the only possible explanation for him strolling through the streets and towards the palace, completely unfazed or unharmed as the bullets rained down towards him. Again, it might have looked cool, but it just seemed stupid. Are we supposed to believe that all the guards went to Stormtrooper gun training?

Who was your favourite character?

As crazy as the scene was, it was still awesome seeing Nein kicking ass. Luckily, Schwartz’s men went to the same shooting academy as the guys at the palace so she was able to just run straight at them. All that aside, there is one other person that deserves a mention and that’s Ray Dawn. We briefly saw his castle and noticed that his Fairy Weapon was missing. No doubt he’s up to something and given his connection to Wolfran, it could be very interesting.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Nein Auler Fairy Knight Weapon

Who was your least favourite character?

It could be any number of the soldiers on display here or the leaders who fell to pieces at the mention of Beevee Liscar’s name, but that seems too easy. I could select Free for finally showing us that he can fight with a Fairy Weapon. Maybe this one is more to his style. Admittedly the one he used temporarily was a bit rubbish. However, I’m going to give it to Liscar for just walking around and yelling at people as bullets flashed by him, although it’s less about him and more about the writers.

Would you like some more?

I have one episode left so I will, of course, watch it. Will I be back for the next part? Well, that depends on the next episode and whether anything else good is on. I remember seeing the description for this series and immediately selecting it to watch and review. How could it have ended up being such a disappointment? I think it’s mostly for the missed potential. Hopefully, this season will end with a bang.

Fairy Gone Episode 11 Beevee Liscar Invincible

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