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Dorothea comes to terms with the failed mission and the deaths of their colleagues. Marlya takes it pretty hard, believing that she is cursed and death follows her.

What did you watch?

Last weeks episode was by far the best one yet, and it still is. This was episode 10 of Fairy Gone and while it did spend some time developing the characters, it certainly didn’t live up to the excitement of the previous episode. Still, we’re getting pretty close to the end of the first cour/season so there’s going to be some significant developments in the next couple of episodes.

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Nein Auler

What happened?

Following the failed mission to deliver the Fairy Weapon to Schwartz Diese, Dorothea returned home to lick their wounds. They lost three agents in the battle, most notable Ozz who died protecting Marlya. Having said their goodbyes, the Fairy Ministry took possession of their bodies. After all, fairy organs are illegal. The deaths hit Marlya hard, especially as she already believes that she brings death to everyone around them. Coincidentally, Free curses his luck for always surviving at the expense of others.

There isn’t any time to dwell on the past though, as Dorothea is sent to inspect Ray Dawn’s Fairy Weapon, something that is particularly hard for Marlya given that he burned her village and killed most of the inhabitants during the war. I feel like this is a key element to the story of how Marlya was able to be possessed by a fairy directly and I wonder if Ray Dawn is like her. Meanwhile, Schwartz practices with his new Fairy Weapon that had supposedly been stolen from him…

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Marlya Not Saluting

What did you think?

There was some interesting revelations about Marlya’s past, most notably her connection to one of the mafia organisations. It looked like she was ready to run away from Dorothea, but given her fairy possession that seemed like an impossible task whether she wanted to or not. Again there are lots of little cut scenes that are supposed to keep us up to date with events around the kingdom, but it also feels very fragmented.

What was your favourite moment?

That was when Ray Dawn confronted Marlya after she’d been giving him the stink-eye the whole time they were at his estate. So much so that she almost forgets to bow her head. And all this after, she had refused to salute as the bodies of her fallen colleagues were taken away. She has a lot of doubts about pretty much everything, but I was a little disappointed that they still haven’t dealt with her lack of training. They really need to build up her confidence.

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Ray Dawn Calls Out Marlya

What was your least favourite moment?

Oh, this one’s easy. I still find those fairy vehicles with the rear wheels and four front legs to be utterly ridiculous in design. So, seeing a load of them running over a grassy field was just the icing on the cake of stupidity. They seem utterly impractical and just dumb.

Who was your favourite character?

Can I pick Mr Jingle the leader of the mafia organisation, Biaklay? Isn’t it enough that he’s called Jingle, let alone that he looks a little like Santa Claus too? I don’t know. Marlya has her doubts, Free has his doubts, Serge wonders if any of it really matters, and Klara just wants to help. Where is Bitter? I need someone in this series with a bit of oomph. Even Beevee Liscar knew what he wanted, even if he was a bit crazy.

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Jingle And Marlya

Who was your least favourite character?

I’m sorry, but I’m over Maryla’s pity party. It’s been ten episodes and she’s still the same woe is me, everyone around me dies sort of character and it’s getting old. I just want to see her develop a bit of confidence in something and use that to move forward. At the moment, I can’t see her saving the day or even herself.

Would you like some more?

So, I believe that there are only two episodes left in this cour and then we’re having a little break. Depending on how those two go, it could be much longer. We’re ten episodes in and the plot is still an afterthought or they’ve tried to bury it so deep in mystery that it’s just become as insignificant as all the flashbacks and cut scenes. This series really could have been good, but the storytelling is leaving a lot to be desired.

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Fairy Vehicles

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