Ergo Proxy

Set thousands of years after a global ecological disaster, humanity survives in giant domed cities. Humans are accompanied by AutoReivs, a companion robot that aids them in their daily lives. Every aspect of their lives is carefully monitored and analysed.

When a number of AutoReivs infected with a virus that makes them self-aware start attacking and killing humans, Re-L is sent to investigate. She follows the leads to the immigrant, Vincent Law, but even then, nothing is quite as it seems.

Re-L is attacked by two mysterious lifeforms, which only makes Vincent Law more interesting. He flees the domed city and attempts to return to his home city, surviving the inhospitable world and the numerous other domed cities.

This is a fantastic series. Dark and edgy, it asks a lot of questions about existence and life. From the start, we’re only shown enough information to keep us going and as the series continues some of it starts to make sense. There are some areas that are left open and vague, which I’m pretty sure was intentional.

The animation is delightful and the sound production just adds to the world. Several episodes pushed the weird and bizarre a little too far, but overall it was a thoroughly engaging story. I’m mostly referring to the game show episode, which was a nice way to deal with exposition, but it really didn’t seem to go anywhere.

There were echoes of Ghost in the Shell and given the topics covered, that’s not surprising. One episode had the looping structure that was used so well in the Ghost in the Shell 2. The characters are interesting but sometimes a little lifeless. If you haven’t seen this series, it is an absolute must, even with my small criticisms.


  1. Why you got to stir up the nostalgia pot!? Now I gotta watch this series too!

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