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Senku now has everything he needs to make the antibiotics, well, everything but alcohol. Luckily, if they win the upcoming tournament to decide the village chief, they’d get loads, however, that means beating Magma!

What did you watch?

Episode 12 of Dr. Stone was the rather epic pursuit of sulphuric acid. It had a lot of heart and some great character development and really enhanced the relationships within the group. So, how will that continue in episode 13? Hopefully, there will be lots of Kohaku, some more science, and as long as it continues like this I feel like it can do no wrong. There will be spoilers and epic battle stances… you have been warned!

Dr Stone Episode 13 They're Back with the Sulphuric Acid

What happened?

With the sulphuric acid and the various ingredients and tools that they had spent the last while collecting and developing, Senku was able to make a number of different chemicals and each was more deadly than the last… well, other than the ammonia, but best not to talk about that. Kohaku’s head spun as Senku revealed more and more concoctions. Each time, she seemed concerned that Ruri would need to drink these deadly liquids. Senku reassured her, pointing out that all they needed now was alcohol, which they would get by winning the tournament.

All they had to do was make sure that Kinro and Magma met in the final. The plan was to tire out Magma and give Kinro and easy pass. They even enlisted Senku to fight, although he had no plans to actually fight. Even Chrome was prepared to fight and had developed a remarkably underhanded technique that focused on Magma’s weak spot… All the preparation and devious plans fell apart when Magma and Kinro were paired together in the first round!

Dr Stone Episode 13 Kinro Attacks Magma

What did you think?

This series just seems to get better and better. I love how chummy Senku and Ginro have become and how they were tempting Kinro to cheat with them. It’s very cartoony but we’ve been exposed to it for some time now and it feels more natural here than in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The extra intrigue with Ruri asking Senku about his last name certainly raised my curiosity as it did Senku’s. And then there was the fight between Magma and Kinro. Loved it!!!

Dr Stone Episode 13 Ruri Tries to talk to Senku

What was your favourite moment?

Would you believe me if I said it was the fight between Magma and Kinro? Well, it was, but more specifically, it was when Suika returned, having been tied up by Mantel in an attempt to take Kohaku out of the tournament, and realised that Kinro also has the fuzzy vision sickness. She then pulled off her melon helmet with the glass lenses and tossed it through the air to Kinro. He caught it with his head and it turned the tables on Magma. The thing I liked the most about this was the epic stances with the hilarious helmet. On top of that, however, I loved the realisation from Kinro that with the wonders of science he would have surpassed Magma long ago. This fight was everything that Dr. Stone stands for. Science wins!

What was your least favourite moment?

There was nothing. This episode was excellent and I loved every minute of it.

Dr Stone Episode 13 Kinro and Ginro Practicing

Who was your favourite character?

Senku was excellent in this episode and for several reasons. He was in his element cooking up all the different chemicals and it showed. Then there was the interaction with his new best friend and coconspirator Ginro. They are a funny pair, but it really worked for me. After that, there was just so many great moments, from the meeting with Ruri to the point that Senku dropped all of the stuff he had in his jacket that he planned to throw at Magma. We really saw his devious side and it was hilarious. I think the best moment, however, was when he told Mantel that he was one hundred percent lying and then he proceeded to stamp on him with Chrome.

Dr Stone Episode 13 Senku making Chemicals

Who was your least favourite character?

Just for tying Suika, it has to be Mantel. I loved how Senku told him that he was obviously lying and laughed at him. Unfortunately, it was enough to make Kohaku worry and go to find Suika. It was also funny when Chrome called out Mantel for preparing to throw a rock at Kinro. He was my least favourite character but managed to be partly responsible for a couple of my favourite moments.

Dr Stone Episode 13 Chrome and Senko stomp on Mantel for Lying

Would you like some more?

I’m actually a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Chrome fight Magma. His attack pattern was brutal and forget wearing him down. A good hit with that attack and Magma would have been finished. I do wonder what will happen next as the tournament is wide open with Magma out of the way. Could they walk Senku to the final and let him win? Maybe it’ll be Chrome or could another outsider show up and ruin all of their plans? I can’t wait. As I said earlier, this series just seems to get better and better.

Dr Stone Episode 13 Chrome has been practicing his Attack

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  1. This was a very solid episode and probably my favourite yet of Dr Stone, though since episode 6 I’ve enjoyed this show more and more each week. Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      It’s been a much improved show since Tsukasa, Taiju, and Yuzuriha disappeared. I don’t think it’s necessarily tied to them as characters but more with the village and Senku trying to advance science. I’ve definitely prefered it with Chrome and Kohaku and can’t see that changing.

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