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While Kohaku continues to train Ginro and Kinro, Senku and Chrome start on the next thing needed for antibiotics – glass. And what better way to get started than to help Suika out.

What did you watch?

It is episode 11 of Dr. Stone and the show is back to what I think it does best. Last week we got a glimpse of Tsukasa and his evil horde of minions, so it’s back to discovering and applying scientific principles. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but this series is really entertaining. There will be spoilers as normal and only five images of Kohaku. I know, I’m sorry. Next week, I promise I’ll do better…

Dr Stone Episode 11 Senku removes Suika's mask

What happened?

Senku gathered the sand needed to create glass, they heated it up with some of the other things they’d found previously and created a glass disc. Then, using some of the stones that Chrome has been collecting they managed to file it down to create a lense or two. Senku installed them into Suika’s mask and took her to a sunflower field. Suika suffers from shortsightedness and without her mask, which focuses her vision, she cannot see anything. The moment that Senku put her mask back on was the first time she’d really seen any of them!

Having perfected the formula to make glass, now they just need to make some useful things with it. The only problem is, it turns out that it’s a lot harder to blow glass than they had anticipated. Luckily, Chrome heads into the village and kidnappers the master craftsman – Grandpa Kaseki. Senku and Chrome then show him how easy it is to work with by deliberately screwing up repeatedly until Kaseki can’t take anymore and explodes out of his restraints to show them how it’s done.

Dr Stone Episode 11 Glass Achieved

What did you think?

I’ve already said it, but this is what I love about this series. It seems crazy, but I am finding the science and discovery to be far more entertaining than the early cat and mouse game with Tsukasa. They managed to deliver a real heartfelt moment that shone a light on one of the most underappreciated materials available to us. Then, they were able to keep the discovery going whilst making it funny. Senku just seems to win people over as soon as he shows them something new and it’s not that surprising really. It’s fascinating.

Dr Stone Episode 11 Kohaku defeats Kinro

What was your favourite moment?

I don’t need glasses so it’s not something that would instantly spring to mind in an apocalyptic setting, but without them, I imagine it would almost be a death sentence in a world like this one. On top of reminding us just how amazing glass is, they did it in such a wonderful way. Seeing children experience things for the first time, especially something as incredible as being able to see clearly is always great to watch. Doing it with a field of sunflowers was a nice touch and really hammered home what a great series this is becoming.

Dr Stone Episode 11 Senku and Chrome show Suika the Sunflowers

What was your least favourite moment?

So, this is the flip side of my favourite moment. It hadn’t occurred to me that Suika had an actual reason other than being shy to wear her mask. Then seeing that Kinro also suffers from the same affliction and how it holds him back, you really start to see just how much of a life-changer something as simple as a pair of glasses are.

Who was your favourite character?

Step up Grandpa Kaseki. It was hilarious the way that Chrome kidnapped him from the village and brought him back wrapped up in rope, but that was nothing. Watching Kaseki’s shock and disdain as Senku and Chrome started to screw up the glassmaking. I thought that was a great way to get him on their side. Show him something amazing, let him think about the potential, and then do it completely wrong until he can’t take it any more. The characters have really blossomed of late and everyone that shows up seems to be different and interesting.

Dr Stone Episode 11 Kaseki the Craftsman

Who was your least favourite character?

Poor Kinro and his stubbornness. I wonder if Senku is going to realise that Kinro is shortsighted too and craft a pair of glass for his fight with Magma. It seems almost too obvious… Of course, that’s what’s going to happen. It’s not like we can rely on Ginro to win… can we?

Dr Stone Episode 11 Kohaku and Senku discuss Kinro and Ginro's request

Would you like some more?

Yes, definitely. I can’t wait to see what they work on next. It’s going to be interesting to see what Senku has planned for Ginro. My first thought was mercury, but I doubt that would be much use to cover a spearhead. Either way, it promises to be fun, especially from Senku’s reaction. Also, there needs to be more Kohaku, because why not. Anyhow, I am really enjoying this series and strangely these slower episodes are my favourites. I don’t think I’d be that bothered in Tsukasa didn’t even show up again.

Dr Stone Episode 11 Kohaku modelling the shield

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  1. Like you said, this episode did a great job with making you realize how we take glass for granted!

    • It’s amazing how something so integral to life can just be dismissed without a thought. Makes you wonder how many other things we would really miss in an event like this.

    • I’d be done for immediately because there are no antidepressants or mood stabilizer medications… lol. xD

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