Doubly Lovely: One Lovely Blog Award

Getting nominated for One Lovely Blog Award is great, getting nominated for two in a matter of days is a bit special, plus it means I can use it as an excuse to use this image of the Puma sisters…

Special thanks to Yomu and Average Joe Reviews for nominating me, and I apologise that I’m going to lump you both together, especially as I don’t think I can come up with fourteen questions to answer, well, not that would be of any interest anyhow.

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
2) Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
3) Share 7 things about yourself
4) Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
5) Include this set of rules
6) Inform your nominees

The hardest thing with this is coming up with stuff that isn’t already on my blog. Sure, it would be easy (and probably smart to talk about posts that I can link back to), but what’s the fun in that. All right, let’s go.

7. Staying Awake!

I once stayed awake for three whole days just to see if I could do it. If that’s not a good enough reason, I don’t know what is. When my wife would go away for business or school, I would have horror movie weekends where I would stay up all night watching scary movie because I love them and she hates them.

The time in question, however, was when I was eighteen and wanted to just see what would happen. Honestly, I got tired, but every so often I would get a second wind and forget all about it. When I was done, I just had a normal sleep, so it didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

I’ve never been a huge fan of sleep. It’s always seemed like such a waste of time. One-third of your life spent lying around doing nothing when there is so much to do and see is annoying, but that’s just me.

6. Run, Forest, Run!

I used to be pretty fast. My fastest one-hundred-metre sprint was 11.02 seconds. I was also a good rugby player, playing on the wing with my speed and size, I was big for a winger back then too. It ended when I bust my knee playing Kabbadi on a beach in France… What a way to go!?!

5. Nice bum!

Apparently, voice actors like it when I comment on their anime character’s bum. For some reason, they are oddly proud of their animated posteriors!

The lovely Jamie Marchi, the English voice of Mount Lady from My Hero Academy and Rias Gremory from High School DxD, among others, retweeted my tweet about joining team Mount Lady after one episode of My Hero Academia.

You’re thinking, sure, but that’s just one. Wait, there’s more. Cassandra Lee Morris, the English voice of Nero, Saber from Fate/Extra, replied to my comment about Nero’s interesting fashion statement – butt cleavage!

I don’t try to make a habit of talking about bums, but maybe I should…

4. A Nice Cup of Tea

I don’t drink coffee and haven’t done so for at least ten years, probably longer. Tea is the hot drink of choice for me, and I’ve even replaced soft drinks with tea too. Basically, I drink a lot of tea, but then I am British!

3. My First Job

My first real job was as a lifeguard at a pleasure pool with a wave machine and slides. I ended up doing it all through school on weekends and holidays. In all, I was a lifeguard for almost six years. It has given me a great foundation in first aid, although I’m sure everything I learnt is now out of date, but it’ll be better than nothing in a pinch.

I have saved a few people, almost exclusively children going out of their depth and one that wasn’t ready for the waves when they started up. It seems like a fairly glamorous job, but it is incredibly boring. The hardest part is staying alert. It’s impossible to turn off though as I still find myself watching everyone and making sure they’re safe whenever I go to a pool or the beach.

2. Zombie Run!

Not content with just watching films and anime about zombies, I love to take part in zombie runs. Back when I lived in New Zealand there was a haunted attraction that held an annual 5km zombie run. It had obstacles and mazes and a lot of zombies. They were all professional actors and incredibly good at their job. I’ve done it twice and even dressed as Thor one year. I made Mjolnir myself and carried it around the entire race.

1. Word Count is Strong

You may not have noticed, but I also write fiction. I have released eight novellas in a dark fantasy series called Valiant Lineage. Interesting fact, I have actually written the first draft for the first twenty-six novellas, which rather surprisingly takes me to the midpoint of the overall story. I need to find a way to increase the editing speed.

I have also written the first draft for a collaborative trilogy of novels with two other authors. The book follows three survivors after a plague-like outbreak which decimates the population of the United Kingdom, possibly the world. We are actively working on the edits and hope to release these later this year.

On top of all of that, I have a pile of outlines that I’ve been working on and will eventually get to. One of which is a harem comedy set on a mysterious island resort. Can’t wait to write that one, it should be a blast. I wrote the outline for it on a plane flight. If I can just find a way to write the stories as quickly as I come up with the ideas.

So, who are you going to nominate?

Good question. I tend to get to these tag posts too late in the game to nominate people who haven’t already done it or been nominated before. So, if you have been tagged before, don’t worry, you don’t have to do it. I know how hard it was to come up with seven interesting things about myself.

This means you all have lovely blogs.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This was great. I’m british too and I also love tea, I only drink coffee when people force me to.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks. It’s been so long for me that just a sip and I can feel my heart rate increase.

  2. It was fun reading your post and congrats on the nomination! 😀

    I appreciate the nomination as well but I’ve stopped doing these posts for the most part because they interrupt my work flow and I get them a little too often, so I don’t want to spam readers either. Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate it but I’m going to pass on making a post. Still, I will happily tell you 7 things about myself 🙂

    I’ll go ahead and let you ask me any questions you like and come back and answer ’em here for ya.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      No worries. I understand. It took me almost a month to find the time to do this myself.

      I’ll have to have a think about. Kudos for flipping it back on me. 😁

    • Well I could just tell you 7 random things but I figure this way it is more interesting 😉

    • Lynn Sheridan

      All right! Here you go…
      1. What made you start blogging?
      2. How long have you been blogging for?
      3. First job?
      4. Zombies or vampires?
      5. Drink of choice?
      6. Favourite anime character?
      7. Would you rather be attacked by seven duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

    • Ok, let’s see:

      1. I started blogging because I have a HUGE hobby collection of stuff and thought, “I should really catalog all of this and talk about it” because people were already asking me about what was the best game, or movie, or whatever. Plus, I didn’t really have anybody, “in-the-know” so to speak to discuss things with at the time. Other than that, I was mostly just bored.

      2. It’s been 5 years or so. Last year was by far the biggest year for me, but I also put a lot more effort.

      3. First job steady job was as a teacher’s assistant at a childcare center (so basically just a fancier childcare provider). I liked the job but not the place I was working tbh. Otherwise I’d say magician, because I did that for awhile before University but had to stop because my schedule got too busy. Made some good money for awhile doing that though (I’m rusty now though XD).

      4. Usually zombies but if it is like Vampire’s Kiss, than vampires lol.

      5. The drink of geniuses of course! That would be Dr. Pepper. Rose and I are always joking about that on Twitter, we drink too much of the stuff probably :p

      6. My favorite anime character huh? There are a lot of good ones but today I’m feeling the bombastic duo that is Isaac and Miria from Baccano! I have a lot of favorites though. Check out my MAL for more if you’d like: (add me too if you aren’t already).

      7. Ah, the age old question! The horse sized duck, because at least I could run away from that more easily.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Awesome, thanks for taking the time to answer. Surprise answer on 7. I would always go for duck sized horses…

    • No problem 🙂 Well, glad I could offer you some surprise then XD

    • Lynn Sheridan

      There was more surprises. The magician springing to mind. That must have been cool. Thanks again for answering.

    • Yeah, it was pretty cool. Where I live used to be a HUGE hub for magician’s worldwide but after the death of one legendary magician and the retirement of some big name locals, it’s moved on largely. Still cool though 🙂

      No problem, it was fun 🙂

  3. Very cool, thanks for taking the time to respond to this!
    Not liking sleep is a very interesting one. There was a while where I was only sleeping every other night for a few weeks. The only real time I can say I had some form of insomnia, but it was a productive few weeks in many ways. Wouldn’t do it again though haha

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, if someone said take this pill and you’d never need to sleep again, I would do it in a heartbeat. Most people seem to think that’s crazy!

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