Dominion Tank Police

What did you watch and why? It was my turn to pick a classic anime for Otaku on Writing and since Jon stole the pick that I had lined up – Vampire Hunter D, I selected Dominion Tank Police from my original VHS anime collection. Obviously, that means that I have fond memories of rewatching this series when I was younger. I hope it holds up to the nostalgia.

One line pitch! Female officer joins the notorious Tank Police, battling criminals and misogyny…

What’s it really about? A large bacteria cloud covers most of the Earth making it hard to breath outside. Crime is rampant and the Tank Police was created to fight back. Leona has just transferred to the Tank Police and is eager to get to work.

What hooked you? Dominion Tank Police doesn’t take itself seriously, almost to a fault. There are four acts to the series, although it is more like two separate stories. The first half is absurd. The Tank Police are trying to stop Buaku, a known criminal, from taking the piss… literally. He is stealing canisters of piss from a hospital. The second half is actually an interesting story and couldn’t be further from the tone of the first half if it tried.

What was your favourite scene? Hands down the most memorable moment in the series is when the Puma sister, Ana and Umi perform a daring tease in order to distract the SWAT team and make their getaway. It was probably the only scene that stayed in my memory from the first time watching it.

What was your least favourite scene? A lot of the first half really didn’t make much sense. There is a feeling that maybe everyone is not necessarily on the right sides. The Tank Police are violent and heavy handed, where as the criminals appear to be trying to do something about the bacteria cloud. I can’t really pick a least favourite scene, so I’m going to say the first two acts minus the tease.

Who was your favourite character? I think Buaku was actually the most interesting character. He was also the only one to show growth. That pretty much all happened in the second half, which is what made it so interesting.

Who was your least favourite character? I’m going to say the Luitentant, Charles Brenten. He was loud and obnoxious and not that useful as a character.

Which character that needs more screen time? This seems fairly obvious, but I’m going to say it anyhow. Anna and Umi Puma need an entire series that just follows them. I would definitely watch that.

What was your favourite quote? There was an exchange between the Mayor and the Police Chief as the opening credits rolled which was really interesting. I could put all of it here, but I’ll settle for this one line.

A surgeon operates with a scalpel which he takes good care to sterilize to prevent unnecessary infections. If he uses a *tank*, the patient tends to *die*!

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? I don’t think there’s much quite like this, although I’d say the feel is somewhere between Project A-ko and Appleseed. It’s worth watching for the second half alone, although you may need to watch the first half too…

Would you like another season? Not necessarily. I remember there being a New Dominion Tank Police and may well rewatch that at some point, but sometimes things are best left in the past. There’s no point trying to destroy all my happy memories.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? There are some interesting topics covered in the series like use of force to prevent crime and acceptable collateral damage. Even the stuff with Buaku about life and existence would be a cool topic. That said, I kind of just want to write about sexy catgirls… is that wrong?

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