Deadman Wonderland – Season One

Tokyo was destroyed in the Red Quake. Now, standing in its place is the private prison/amusement park called Deadman Wonderland. The inmates are forced to take part in life or death events for the amusement of the paying public and as a way to reduce their sentence.

Ganta Igarashi was just a regular high school student until his entire class were brutally murdered. As the only survivor, he has been deemed the lead suspect. Following a damning court trial, he is sentenced to death at Deadman Wonderland.

Once in the prison, Ganta is singled out and forced into an underground fighting tournament where he will have to use a special ability he didn’t know he had. He’s only just coming to terms with what’s happened to him, but he better do it quickly, because in the Carnival Corpse he’s fighting for his life.

So, this show is pretty bleak. Ganta’s life just spirals down and down with no end to the despair in sight. I found it to be a little too cruel and unusual for my tastes, but somehow I kept watching it. The punishments within the prison and the secret underground cellblock were just too twisted and unreal, all while being a little too real.

The idea that Ganta’s court-appointed attorney was also the director of Wonderland was absurd at best and completely unnecessary. He could have easily used one of his subordinates, but that’s not really here or there.

There appeared to be no accountability at the prison from the outside world, which seems to be crazy. This series was just an excuse to hack up people and delve deeper and deeper into the darkest regions of someone’s mind. There was nothing clever or inventive about the way it was done. It’s basically gore porn with a barely functioning story!

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