Cowboy Bebop – Season One

When a hyperspace gate accident made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity was forced to colonize the other planets and moons in the solar system. To aid in the pursuit of criminals, a legalized contract system was introduced.

Spike and Jet are a couple of bounty hunters looking to track down their next payday, but the criminals aren’t coming quietly. Their targets take them back and forth across the solar system, jumping from stop to stop, and invariably getting themselves into more trouble than they bargained for.

Jet takes in a genetically engineered corgi with human-like intellect against Spike’s wishes. He should have listened before long they’ve added several more strays. Faye comes and goes as she pleases, but they can’t seem to get rid of her. They actually tried to leave Edward behind, but she hacked the Bebop and flew it back to pick her up.

How had I not seen this before? This is an unbelievably good series, possibly the best ever. It employs all the tactics I’ve noticed in other successful shows.

We start out with a couple of people and start to learn about them and the world they live in. Then we add another, find out a little bit about them. And then another. It seems so formulaic, but damn it works.

I absolutely loved the variety of story types. It’s a space opera, but then there are cowboys, mysteries, criminal organisations, murder mystery, hard science fiction, it somehow has it all, and it’s all amazing.

It is dirty, dark, and gritty, which gives it a very real quality. The characters are all flawed and interesting. I cannot find a single fault with the series. Then there’s the ending. Those last few episodes were incredible and really grab your emotions like there is a bounty on them.

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