Conception (Season One)

Itsuki and Mahiru are transported to a strange new world where they each have a part to play in its survival. In order to save Granvania and return to their own world, they will need to defeat the Impurities.

What did you watch and why? Honestly, I’m still not sure. Just as watching the seasonal anime opens up wonderful new shows and experiences, it also produces shows like this one. I thought it would be funny, maybe a little bit lewd, but it failed on both accounts pretty spectacularly.

What’s it about? So, Itsuki and Mahiru are pulled through a magic gate to another world. There they learn that in order the save Granvania from the Impurities, Itsuki will need to produce twelve Star Children with the twelve Star Maidens, and Mahiru, his cousin, is one of them…

Mana, a horny red panda is tasked with guiding Itsuki as he tries to get close to the Star Maidens and convince them to produce a Star Child with him. The stronger the feeling between them, the more powerful the Star Child. Then with these Star Children, Itsuki must venture into a dungeon and defeat an Impurity.

Sounds easy, especially as all of the Star Maidens, with the exception of Mahiru, know all about Itsuki and his forthcoming proposition. Can Mana keep Itsuki focused on the task in hand? Seriously, you really shouldn’t care.

What hooked you? At first, I thought it was going to be one of those ‘so bad it’s good’ shows, but even after my First Impressions, I was starting to doubt that. Then after watching another four episodes, I should have pulled the plug, but then I wouldn’t get to write this review… I’m not sure where I’m going with that thought…

What was your favourite scene? The most absurd thing and possibly my favourite of a bad bunch is when they felt the need to censor some erotic looking pastries in a series called Conception. I believe there was other censoring going on, but this was entirely unnecessary as I’m sure no one else is watching it.

What was your least favourite scene? Pretty much the rest of it, although the episode where Mana tries to convince Itsuki that the thirteenth Star Maiden might be a guy was very odd, but then to top that Itsuki gave Mana a present which took the already heightened weirdness level to an astronomical level.

Who was your favourite character? Nope! I can’t do it. Originally, it was Mana for light relief, but she became all too annoying. Even the Star Maidens barely stood out. Each had their own story, but once it was over, I couldn’t remember which was which.

Who was your least favourite character? In the end, it was probably Mana, although Itsuki gave her a close run. As the two main characters, this probably tells you plenty about the series. It started out with several funny moments, but it didn’t go anywhere.

Which character needs more screen time? What this series needs more than anything is a story, or at least takes the interesting parts and do them well. You have a traveller from another world battling demons in a dungeon. That alone could have been interesting.

Then this traveler needs to seduce a number of maidens to unlock some hidden powers. All right, this is stupid, but it could have been done so much better. If only the Star Maidens hadn’t known that they were Star Maidens. That would have made it more interesting.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? No. Chances are you won’t like it, so I can’t bring myself to compare it to anything. This really was a terrible series.

Would you like another season? What do you think?

What elements of the story inspire you? I’ve often been surprised by how many good ideas come from watching/reading bad stories. It’s as if you notice all the stuff that you should avoid and find something great buried within that would make for a far better story. However, with this, I’ve got nothing.

Animercise: There aren’t many of the Fall 2018 series left to complete. As with the others, I only watched the last four in 2019. They all count.

Episode Count: 4 (41)

Push-ups – 10 (130)

Sit-ups – 20 (140)

Squats – 10 (140)


  1. Harsh. I thought this show was hilarious.

    • It started that way for me, but it got repetitive. I found it hard to connect to any of the characters.

    • It’s funny because it was the opposite for me, I started out not thinking it was funny at all–like to the point where I was genuinely annoyed at the show for not committing to the ‘sex’ of the shows way of creating Star Children. But then by episode 4 I was all aboard for how much this show didn’t give a fuck about anything–it was a liberating experience!

    • Yeah, I thought the initial tease and then ‘oh you thought you actually had to have sex!’ moment was pretty funny. Mana was funny too but it became too much. There were some funny moments like the erotic pastries or the girl they kidnapped and kept at the back of the bakery, who believed she was stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  2. I think they should have committed to something. This show was so all over the place and didn’t take any of its individual elements far enough leaving it feeling unsatisfying regardless of what element drew someone into watching the show.

    • Absolutely. It was as if they were trying to approach a larger audience when they should have focused on doing one thing well.

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