Clockwork Titan by Jon Cronshaw

Well, it’s that time again. I appreciate that two weeks is a long time to wait, but I can assure you it’s worth it. You could wait until they’ve all been released and then binge them, but then you could also be one of the early fans.

It’s always nice to be the first to discover something. Nobody remembers who came in second after all. So, this is the fifth story in the Alteruvium Expanse and I can tell you’re looking at the author’s name. It probably feels somewhat familiar. And so it should be, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it at least once in my monthly reviews.

I’ll give you a moment, I can tell you’re thinking about it. Is it coming to you? Yeah, that’s it. It’s that Jon Cronshaw. Jon is one of my collaborative partners in the Black Death trilogy, but more on that later, shall we get back to the Alteruvium Expanse?

Clockwork Titan

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The Titan clunks and whirrs into life, towering over Lord Krauss and his familiar. Even after centuries of slumber, it is unstoppable. Nothing can keep Lord Krauss from completing his sinister plans, except that the Titan remains unreceptive to his commands.

Anna stares out across the bay, watching the giant statue turn to look back at her. She waves. It waves back. Somehow the Titan has bonded with her instead of Lord Krauss.

Can Anna come to terms with the immense power she has inherited and will it be enough to keep her family safe from the power-hungry lord, who is willing to stoop to any depths to take control of the Titan?

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